Universal Galactic Code
Universal Galactic Code-31- Clue 5
Ancient Clues to Treasure

Clue Five

Universal Galactic Code
Galactic Memory Codes
in symbols that every being
in the universe comprehends.

Trust your Higher Self.
Your consciousness and soul
naturally understand the root language.
You need no interpretation from others,
intuition always reveals truth.

All the way back at the beginning of time,
our galactic ancestors came to pepper this world
with high spiritual power and force to evolve this planet;
to raise the frequency for our unlimited potential.

Planetary Frequency Tuning and Balancing
occurs naturally when critical mass is achieved.

At this moment in time,
people are opening to truth
in monumental proportions.
Our inner light; our spiritual light,
shines to the heavens and beyond.
Earth's consciousness rises.

We are search lights
for our ancestors return.
Our hearts and minds
guide them home.


Universal Galactic Code-31-Clue5
Universal Galactic Code
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