Universal Galactic Code
Universal Galactic Code-26-Clue-4
Ancient Clues to Treasure

Clue Four

Universal Galactic Code
is the language that goes all the way back
to the beginning of time.

Mysteries and wonders of the universe
are accessed through the brain using
spiritual consciousness frequency.

Go inside yourself through meditation,
contemplation, and devotion to truth.

Travel the
Universal Information Highway
in your mind, telepathically.

Let go of your need to control.
Give yourself to God.
(Insert your name for God here.)

Open to unlimited loving energy
filled with knowledge and wisdom
of everything ever known.
Manifest your brilliance.
You are already connected.
to the source of all knowledge.

You must desire it
with all the passion in your heart.
Your mind is literal.
Acquiesce to God's Will.

Direct your mind to travel the
Universal Information Highway
Keep at it.
Awaken to the silence.
Figure out how you fit in
with everyone and everything.
We are all part of the whole.


Universal Galactic Code-26-Clue 4
Universal Galactic Code
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