Universal Galactic Code
Ancient Clues to Treasure-Clue 3-Universal Galactic Code-18
Ancient Clues to Treasure

Clue Three

This writing combines
collected knowledge
over many lifetimes.

Atlantian, Mu, Mayan Script,
ancient and modern languages
are evolved from
Universal Galactic Code

The Ancient Writing reveals science of the universe,
ancient formulas, spiritual, and universal galactic truth.

Gaze at the writing.
Your eyes take it in to the brain.
Stare at it with a meditative mindset.
When you begin working with
Universal Galactic Code
ideas come to you.

Awareness grows from
individual self to
universal consciousness.
Universal Galactic Code

is the
Communication System
God Level Frequency.

The Masters, Guides and
competent Spiritual Beings
who still live and roam the earth
use their light body of ethereal energy
to move and teach among humans.
They travel
Universal Information Highway

Over time, adapt to this frequency.
Become whole, balanced, and at peace.
Adopt the talents you forgot about.
Believe in yourself.

Universal Galactic Code

hange your life in beneficial ways.


Universal Galactic Code-18-Clue 3
Universal Galactic Code
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