Universal Galactic Code
Universal Galactic Code-5

This is my first writing at Tulum. The second I walked through the gate the Old One headed straight for the Light House. Having never been there before, I wanted to go everywhere and see everything. I climbed on a huge boulder overlooking the gorgeous blue-green Caribbean Sea that crashed to shore several hundred feet below. Countless people sat here before me. Their energy and resonance penetrated the environment. A sacred feeling permeated the ruins. Ancestors are still here in some sense, in some other dimension, cheering me on.

You can see how the outliner pen bled through from the page behind it. I noted not to write on the back of pages after that. Only the absolute correct pressure would allow it to look like the Guides and Masters wanted it; flawless. We were learning two things at the same time; the technique of how to use the pen and also how to work together to write. Unseen spiritual entities have a plan for the world.

Universal Galactic Code-5
Universal Galactic Code
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