Universal Galactic Code
Universal Galactic Code-2

I copied this prayer from Joey Crinita's book in November 1984, three weeks before my honeymoon trip to Mexico. After reading Joey's book The Medium Touch: A New Approach to Mediumship right before I left, I was ready to give it a try. The prayer at the beginning proved beneficial in my preparation for meditation and writing from invisible guides and masters of wisdom, aka my guides. The Old One wrote the Universal Galactic Code, which he called the root language of humanity. He filled this journal with beautiful ancient writing at Tulum and Chichen Itza Ruins, Yucatan. Our energy frequencies were perfectly synchronized as he used my arm and hand to write down everything the guides wanted to say. He loved the unicorn art and spent a lot of time perusing and choosing which pages he wanted to write specific information. Something beautiful was happening. I had no clue what it said, but I felt the energy emanating from the silver ink, and ideas came to me as I studied it.

Universal Galactic Code-2

Universal Galactic

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