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Pieta Sculpture copyright museum

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
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Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture sitting in the side chapel of Old St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy 1958, blew me away. My body gravitated to it. My hand slid over the smooth, cool, shiny marble of Jesus' leg as I stared up at mother and son. Resistance did not stop my mother from pulling me back in place. In those brief moments of contact I felt enormous love, compassion and empathy flow through me. Little tears formed in the corners of my eyes and slowly trickled down my cheeks. I know even if the security guards arrested five year olds and threw me in an Italian jail for touching this masterpiece, it was worth it. ha ha From that moment on, curiosity and motivation inspired my research to gain knowledge and understand the invisible energy vibration I felt but could not yet define.

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To my great delight, I did a lot of traveling with my family. My mom told me her friends told her not to take me on our monumental trip around Europe, not to waste the money on me; I was too young to remember anything, anyway. I'm still grateful she never listened to them. That trip stirred up the travel passion in my heart. I vividly remember our trip to England in Great Britain; and can recall Buckingham Palace where we tried to get the guards to laugh, they didn't. Belgium hosted the Brussels World's Fair where we saw this interesting, innovative architecture called the Atomium. Our friends in Germany had a maid. I thought it was grand. She was so nice to us as she prepared our breakfast of fried bread with little circles cut out and an egg inside the holes, cooked in butter with fresh melted cheese on top. I thought it was the best breakfast I ever ate while on my best vacation I ever had! We got to drive through the Black Forest region where I fell in love with some truly amazing trees that I still want to go back and visit one day. My parents bought a sweet little cuckoo clock in one of the old shops along the drive through the forest.

France was fabulous with Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre with Mona Lisa, the Seine River and Champs-Elysées, said to be the most famous avenue in the world and home of the Arc de Triomphe, something so beautiful, you remember it forever. I loved Spain, until we went to the bull fight in Madrid. I think I got traumatized because I am having a hard time remembering anything else about Spain at the moment of writing this. I just looked at the map and still can't remember anything except crying about the bulls. For God's sake they are still killing them for sport!
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Public Domain Gondolas
My mom said I could sleep anywhere, even resting my head on the fancy hotel veranda restaurant table in Venice while staring down at the famous canals and gondolas gliding by us. I wanted to live there.

Feeding the pigeons at St. Mark's Square was the best! The vibes in this space woke me up to frequency waves of the past. Switzerland was where I got little wooden, painted clogs and a cute little Dutch girl outfit
in a store that overlooked the Matterhorn Mountain. The mountain energy energized my mind, the canal energy soothed it. I felt the differences in vibes and frequency waves of the invisible energy all around me. Sometimes I could even see this energy flowing faintly in waves like a veil of gossamer silk, barely visible to my eyes.

Traveling out west, I think it was 1963, we stopped at famous tourist places all the way out and back. We put a boot on our orange station wagon tailgate at night. It looked like a little tent connected to the back open space. It closed the opening and provided screens for air. There were two adults and three children competing for space in the back. My older brother got the front seat. It wasn't long enough to stretch out lengthwise, but he didn't complain. I loved everything about the trip, and went wild for nature in all the national parks we visited, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Badlands, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Redwood, Zion, and more.
Giant Redwoods and Seqyoia at visitsequoia website

I had to hug the amazing big trees in northern California including Giant Redwoods and Sequoia. Trees have their own way of communicating if you tune in. They don't talk in words, they emit vibes. Nature is abundant with sentient beings that you might not know about or believe in just yet, or know how to communicate with, but that does not mean they are not alive and well, without you even knowing they exist. Their survival is not dependent on your belief in them. Until you become aware of them, it is possible you may deny them.

My travel passion took precedence over my life when I jumped at the chance to drop out of college in 1974, close to half way through Ohio State University, stuck in an undefined category (because I was undefined.) I got invited to travel across America in a camper van with my future first husband. He was graduating from O.S.U. and had free time until the fall, when his first job would begin. I don't think it took one second before I said yes. There was no thinking involved. I knew I wanted to travel. This was a major crossroads for me, maybe I should have given the decision more thought in relation to my desired path in life, but that said, over 40 years down the road, I remember it was a fabulous trip camping in the Rockies, hiking in the Grand Canyon, three miles down and three miles back up, the steepest part of the switchback trail to the Colorado River. I consider this one of my personal best physical feats, ha ha. It was enormously difficult. I don't think I could have walked one more minuscule step when I finally made it back up to the top of the trail going zero miles per hour. I couldn't move, but I was elated. I pushed myself past my physical comfort zone. I loved being in the canyon. It was awe inspiring and fearsome at the same time. I learned respect for mother nature. Staring up at the sky and the stars is something everyone in the whole world should go out west to do! There is nothing like it. I have enjoyed and been awed by sky watching my whole life. The universe is our past and our future when we are finished with this earthly life.

Two young men about our ages appeared that night at our camp site. They struck up a conversation and invited us to their campfire nearby for dinner. We had the most amazing synchronous time exchanging exact same stories experienced by all of us. They cooked scrumptious chimichongas like we never tasted before. Our hearts and minds bonded as one while we communed late into the night, not wanting to forget anything we wanted to say, cognizant of our time restraint. When we finally walked back to lay our heads down on our own camper bed, the sun was just coming up over the horizon. Waking up later in the afternoon we saw their empty camping space. Our magical, mystical evening produced some of the best conversations and greatest experiences of our whole trip out West. The kicker was that their names were the same as my traveling partner and our best friend. We pushed each other to define invisible spiritual concepts that we all experienced before but had no words to describe. We scoured our brains to remember information that would weave together all the related ideas that were reeling through our minds that night. We gained numerous new pieces to fit in our personal puzzles. We trusted our intuition and were blessed with meeting two of the dearest souls we will ever know. However long it takes to find them again, or if we never get to see each other again, we will always be connected through our shared consciousness of the spiritual world.

Little coincidences, bits of knowledge coming from strange places, and clues about ourselves are all messages from the universe that we are on the right track to our great awakening. This is what spiritual development is all about, like a chance encounter with a wise person that bumps into you while you are walking through a crosswalk in a town or city you will never be in again. You are only there at that exact moment because you are looking for directions, you are lost. The stranger proceeds to tell you something you need to know, but would never know to ask, something you would never receive, but for him. It happens so fast, you are unable to identify the person when you look ahead, or behind you, then all around you, even above you, because you can't figure out how he could have disappeared. You may remember a time or two similar to this in your own life. Gather these memories to fit more pieces of your personal puzzle together to understand why you are here, now, to do what, when, where, how, with whom and why? Your spirit knows. Listen. Begin to manifest your true destiny.

public domain sign

We were broke when we hit San Francisco. We had no clue it would be so expensive to travel, even with our own camper. My boyfriend's sister told us we could get jobs and hang out at her place for a while; save some money for the trip home. It was one of those chances in a lifetime to have an amazing and wonderful experience in a world renown city. Getting to know my future sister-in-law was a blessing for me. It was a blast following in the footsteps of all the hippies that were here for the summer of love, 1967. You could still feel the vibes. There was the Haight Ashbury Street Sign to find, a bit anticlimactic, but I didn't care. I got to do what every other conscious hippie in the world would do, if they had a chance; gaze at the original Haight-Ashbury sign. Looking at this photo it looks like it should be Ashbury-Haight, but that just doesn't sound right, does it? The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park was one of my favorite places to contemplate the meaning of life, ha ha. We cooked out at Ocean Beach. I got a thrill riding the cable cars. Some experiences you never get too old to enjoy like a child. This is how you stay young at heart. You can learn something about yourself from every experience. Don't wait to retire before you travel.
public domain Cliff House
This is a very old public domain photo of Cliff House. Check out the copyright.
public domain cable car

I've always loved hugging trees. I also loved climbing them when I was young. I love to hang out around trees, lean against trees and talk to trees, they are a sacred resource for ourselves and this planet. Studies finally show trees are good for your health! Anyone who loves trees already knows this information. The Giant Redwoods and Sequoia in northern California did not disappoint. You can absolutely feel the peaceful vibes. Nature is abundant with sentient beings that you might not know about or believe in, or know how to communicate with, but that does not mean they are not alive and well, without you even knowing they exist. Their survival is not dependent on your belief in them. Until you become aware of them, it is possible you may deny them. They emit energy vibes that benefit life force and enhance communication with the natural world. Pick up on their vibes. Your mind will absorb information without using words to understand. You were born with telepathy and psychic knowing. Develop these skills to evolve your spirit.

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Locanda Canal Hotel Venice

Locanda Canal Hotel Venice

Hotel Address: CASTELLO 4422C Venice. The Locanda Canal is a small hotel in the centre of Venice. Housed in a XIII century building facing the Rio del Remedio, it is in a quiet spot a short distance from St Mark Square. It is two minutes from the Riva degli Schiavoni and very close to the Querini Stampalia Gallery in the Santa Maria Formosa Square. The Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal are three minutes walk. Each room is fully equipped with private bathroom with jacuzzi shower, hair dryer, satellite tv, safe, phone, air conditioning.

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Hotel Lua Nova, Goa

Hotel Lua Nova, Goa

Hotel Lua Nova , Baga. This picturesque 25-room resort awaits to provide you a holiday at a perfectly tranquil and passionate Goan village environment. Located a mere 40-minute drive from Goa's Dabolim Int'l. Airport, 12-km from Capital city Panjim and a bare 7-km from Goa's tourist-popular Mapusa market town. We are within convenient reach of Goa's trendy spots of tourist interest and all basic services - banks, exchange facilities, travel agencies, post office, markets & shopping arcades.�A short stroll along beach-line takes you to Candolim ? another popular North Goa tourist village, while a little hike across picturesque Baga hillock brings you to Goa's famed Anjuna Beach. This charming and lovely holiday resort offers the ideal choice of accommodation for all those travelers who want to relax in a paradisaical setting.� The property is conveniently positioned in Goa, within easy reach from one of the most beautiful beaches in India, Calangute Baga.

Hotel Casa de Goa, Goa

Hotel Casa de Goa, Goa

This stunning city boutique hotel is ideally situated amidst the culturally-rich city of Goa in India.�Casa de Goa is located in the heart of the city yet is just 200 metres from a pristine, sandy beach. Guests will find themselves close to the intriguing cultural and historic attractions the region has to offer including the Bom Jesus Basilica and churches and convents of Old Goa.� Presented in the style of a small, stately home guests will be impressed by the impressive surroundings and unparalleled service.� The hotel features spectacular Portuguese and Mediterranean architecture and offers a relaxing ambiance and wonderful hospitality. Providing exceptional leisure and dining options where guests will be spoiled for choices, the hotel is the perfect option for guests who are looking for the royal treatment and the ultimate in luxury.

Blue Ocean Resort 
Blue Ocean Resort

Blue Ocean Resort

Hotel Address: 54 NGUYEN DINH CHIEU.
This resort is a perfect getaway for couples and families with its variety of activities that the whole family can engage in. Boasting avant-garde designs and vibrant play of colors, the resort features modern facilities and amenities. The guest rooms reflect the high level of comfort and luxury. The in-house restaurant serves an extensive international menu with hearty European and exotic Asian fare, complemented
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