The Arrival- Self Portrait
The Arrival- Self Portrait
Vicki Leo Senn

UFOs might have been drawn by R.L

Discern Truth
It is all within you.
Trust your power.
Be Inspired.
Teach Empowerment.
Transform and Heal Your Mind.
Gain Knowledge, Love Your Life, Heal Your Heart and Mind.

Reignite love in your heart.
Love will guide your way.
Love is an energy frequency, a vibe that awakens your spirit.
Notice it when you meet someone who resonates with your energy.

Awaken and remember who you are.
Your higher self awaits you,
seek your highest potential.

My travels, explorations and practice in the spiritual world have taught me that I do not need religion to know Jesus, to know God, or other spiritual prophets and wise men who have gone before us, through their light that never dies and through their teachings and writings. There are Guides and Avatars of Wisdom and Intelligence that wish to help us and guide us in our spiritual destiny, all we have to do is listen with our spirit, and use information revealed to act on our own behalf. You don't need a building, a minister or a priest, all you need is your brain and heart. Of course all of the religious people that you support are doing their part in the world, I have nothing against any of them, except the ones that murdered, tortured, and committed horrendous crimes that inflicted untold misery against people who had different beliefs; I hope those guys burned in hell, or a similar misery forever.

Jesus speaks directly from heart to heart, mind to mind. I never believed you should have to drive to a certain building to feel spiritual enlightenment, I wanted it 24/7. I do love churches and cathedrals, I visit when I can for the architecture and to feel the spirit of God. I love these places and I always feel better for having gone there, but direct connection is the best way to communicate with God. Church is wonderful for community. I prefer that sort of bonding be done outside in nature, so we can all appreciate the grace of God together by opening our eyes and ears to the brilliant natural creation.

I keep Jesus and God Loving Energy in my heart, that is what guides my dealings in the world and with people. When I was a kid I felt God in my heart. I knew I was not alone. I knew I wanted to be a warrior for God's love and divine energy healing. My love for God energy is boundless and cannot be contained in a church. Nature is my sanctuary and cathedral. Nature is my second proof of God. Feeling God Loving Energy in my heart is the first proof. I know you must have felt it, too! We are one in God's love. We are a force for the miracle of God's love to heal this planet.

Your intuition is the vehicle to your spiritual life. Your intuition is what whispers the truth whether you want to hear it or act appropriately or not. You either work with this energy, work against it; knowingly or unknowingly, or ignore its' existence, but that does not prove it does not exist or is not communicating the truth. When you open to your intuition, you open to your higher self. Your greatest potential dwells within your higher self, your whole self, the self that is manifested from God Loving Energy, the creative force of the universe. Be a catalyst for change. Inspire and empower people with healing energy, knowledge, guidance, information, and support. I have been collecting my resources and practicing my abilities for over 40 years. I hope you will avail yourself of my treasures from spirit to spirit. We are one, my dears.

(Note) Ministers are people with faults. If you start analyzing my life, you will find huge mistakes in thinking, decisions, and choices, ones that nearly destroyed me, if not by the grace of God, yes, me, too. Ministers should never be put on a pedestal just because they are ministers. Ministers should never use their position in the community to gain power or abuse power.

Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church

This is Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton West Virginia; the Mother's Day Shrine.
It's so beautiful I wanted you to see it.

Friends Ceremony
I was blessed to officiate at this church for my dear friends' ceremony.

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