From Phantoms and Monsters Website: "The tomb had previously been maintained by local descendants of the buried sage. It is currently maintained by a Board of Directors consisting of Sunni Muslims. Sahibzada Basharat Saleem, a former caretaker (now deceased), claimed to hold genealogical tables that link him as a direct descendant of the buried sage. In recent times another man was buried there, who is revered by some local Muslims as a Sufi saint, although others point to historical data that he was only the shrine's long-serving caretaker. Efforts are currently underway to obtain DNA from the tomb to help ascertain the identity and/or eras of the men buried within and the claims for their descendants."

I love finding articles with Sahibzada Basharat Saleem information. He was one of my best friends when I lived in Kashmir from May through September, 1985. I met him through a British ex pat named Sri Jeffrey Gale who was in Srinagar painting a mural in town. We met one day as we were both in shikara boats on Lake Dal. We saw each other, smiled and he immediately had his boatman row over to me so we could meet. It was really quite astounding how quickly he knew we would become bosom buddies. It didn't take long conversing on the lake before we decided to have a cup of tea in one of the local restaurants nearby. That started a friendship that I will never forget, even all these years later, if he saw this, we could strike up our friendship once more. He knew Basharat Saleem, caretaker of Rozabal Shrine, and someone who truly believed he was descended from Jesus Christ. I will tell you all about my meeting and best friendship with Basharat soon. The first thing he said to me upon meeting him at his front door was, "Oh I see the shine on your forehead, you are indeed someone I would like to converse with, please come inside." He was a lovely person, exceedingly intellectual; genuinely kind and considerate. He knew we were one in spiritual fire and told me many times about the angels sitting on my shoulder! We became pen pals through long letters. I so wish I still had them to show you. I will explain why I do not have them soon, but I don't want to bum you out in this beginning paragraph! I deeply regret that I never got back to see him before he passed to another dimension. He is still with me in spirit as he is smiling warmly at the thought of me finally publishing this material that he loved and cherished the more he got to study it. My heart is full of love for him. Here's to you Basharat, and to you Jesus!

I tried to go to this website but it was not available. It says these are the footprints of Jesus at Roza Bal Shrine.
Interior of the shrine. Photo: Rayan Naqash
Unknown Years of Jesus

Proof of Jesus Christ in Kashmir

Published on Aug 6, 2011
Proof of Jesus Christ (as) in Kashmir The life, death and Tomb of Jesus is proof that Jesus was only a Humble Prophet of God, Not the Son of God, Was Crucified but Survived Crucifixion, Migrated to Asia to teach the Lost Tribes of Israel and died like a normal human being in Kashmir, India. Visit tomb of jesus website to know more about this Truth. Visit to know more about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.



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Did Jesus Live in India?
Published on Jul 6, 2017 Craig talks about Jesus (Issa) and the evidence that Jesus not only visited India but lived there from the age of 8 till 28. Speculation surrounds the the unknown years of Jesus - also called the lost years of Jesus or missing years of Jesus – from the period between his childhood and the beginning of his ministry. This is a time missing from the Bible and is not described in the New Testament. Many believe that at this time he took the Silk Road and visited India, Tibet and Nepal. Jesus learned from the Vedic teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism and from his experiences grew his teachings about love, compassion and forgiveness. It is thought that Jesus survived his crucifixion and continued his life in India taking the name Issa or Isha. In this video Craig talks about his time near Rishikesh in India and his time spent in the Arundhati Guha Caves. These are located at near Vashistha Guha and the Holy ashram of Swami Purushottamanad Ji Maharaj. The hidden caves of Arundhati Guha are believed to be the place where Isha meditated and found his enlightenment. It is also the place where other famous saints such as Papa Ramdas and Swami Rama Tirtha. Spiritual people have meditated in these caves for 7,000 years. Starting with the stories about the caves at Arundhati Craig describes the story of Jesus in India and his journey to find enlightenment. He asks the question Did Jesus ever live in India Tibet and Kashmir and examines some of the evidence. Some even claim that Jesus was Buddhist monk and was not crucified! It is claimed that Jesus had spent some of the time teaching in many holy Indian cities, including Jagannath, Rajagriha and Benares – today’s Varanasi. One story says that his teaching let to some Brahmins excommunicating him and He had to flee to the Himalayas eventually ending up in Tibet where he studied Buddhism. The German scholar, Holger Kersten, wrote about Jesus early years and said that Jesus had settled in Sindh among the Aryans and he wanted to perfect himself. His body is said to now be buried at Roza Bal in Kashmir.
Jesus in India- the Missing Years
Published on Jun 26, 2012
the Bible leaves17 years of the Life of Jesus unaccounted for, what if during that period of time he studied with holy men in India and Tibet? Ancient scrolls discovered in Tibet seems to reveal just that. Even more controversial is a suspected tomb of Jesus in Kashmir. History is perhaps quite different than we are told.

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The Day I Visited the Tomb of Jesus in India

Published on Jul 29, 2014
My story of unexpectedly coming across the supposed burial site of Jesus Christ in India. Gabriel's adventure travel site: Gabriel Morris was born in Vancouver, Canada, raised in rural northern California and has also lived in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and Alberta, Canada. He is an admitted travel junkie, outdoors enthusiast, creative writer and spiritual seeker, with a B.A. in World Religions. He is author of 'Kundalini and the Art of Being', 'Kundalini and the Power of Awakening', 'The Mystery of Woman', 'Following My Thumb', 'Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel' and other books. The Day I Visited the Tomb of Jesus in India.



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