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Take a leap of faith and go for it. This is how you build your intuition; your natural talent to discern right from wrong for you, personally. You have your own built in guide if you listen to it and follow the messages it conveys to you. Build your trust in your intuition on little hunches that you receive, to gain a knowing about it. When you get an obvious feeling from your intuition, follow it, if possible, just to prove one way or other to yourself, that it really is your intuition that you are picking up on, and that you received something relevant out of the experience that followed. You will realize, oh awesome, intuition is a good thing to follow because it has my interest at heart. Our beings are amazing with so much more brain power and abilities than we even know. Intuition is a powerful resource that gets wasted when we don't use it.

See what happens when you open to your spiritual life. There is no one way it happens, but when it happens-you know it happened; you feel it in your stomach, your mind and your heart. Goose bumps form on your skin to alert you. Joy springs forth from your knowing of oneness with the universe and all beings. You understand how to communicate on a telepathic level of awareness. Practice is what hones your skills and develops your mind. Crystals are excellent generators that magnify the healing process, allowing you to understand what is needed to learn, grow, and gain a new understanding of your mind's abilities. Letting go to allow growth is when you open to wisdom and knowledge from unconventional places and people. Commit no judgment on these experiences until you formulate, assimilate, and incorporate any lessons learned. It could not be more simple, yet so hard, for so many; to just let go to learn, to know, and to love.

Divine inspiration revealed knowledge over a 5 day period in December, 1984 at Tulum and Chichen Itza Ruins, Yucatan, Mexico. I transcribed Universal Galactic Code for Guides and Masters who travel the ethereal world of multi-dimensional realms. This communication flowed freely in sparkling silver ink, made by an outliner pen I happened to bring with me in hopes of doing some art work. Transcribing the dictated Ancient Writing was an automatic process I did not control. I allowed my arm and hand to be used by an unseen entity who put the ink to paper. I was a chela, learning the way of an automatic writer for Guides, who usually wrote in English, but this time, over the 5 days, 40 pages of Ancient Writing emerged; Universal Galactic Code was put down by an entity who told me to call him the Old One.

Universal Galactic Code

You don't read the Universal Galactic Code.
You absorb it. You study it.
You let it speak to your third eye in silence.
Give it some time to spiritually diagnose
and intuit your own healing code.

Universal Galactic Code works with the higher self to cleanse, purify, balance, rejuvenate and heal. Invite it to work for you.

There are people who will understand these maps to treasure of the mind and will gain benefit from this offering. Guides are calling attention to the lovers of knowledge, the lovers of spiritual oneness with the creator, the artists, engineers, architects, musicians, actors, film makers, writers, doctors, healers, archaeologists, philosophers, inventors, scientists and others all over the planet who have been waiting for missing pieces to their own personal puzzles and conundrums. You may be part of an alliance who will organize expeditions to discover this writing on artifacts older by far than those ever found. You may complete inventions, start a renaissance in creativity and technological advances that will herald in a new wave of humanitarian spiritual evolution on a global scale through peace not war. Peace and prosperity is the destiny of this planet. This spiritual revolution to upgrade our evolution heals and balances with love, understanding and power by these evolved spiritual minds.

Open to the energy wave of Universal Galactic Code. Benefit from this healing energy through the manifestation of spiritual consciousness. This new understanding of energy frequencies replaces your anxiety with enlightenment and activates your spiritual powers. Focus on your abilities as you transform into your higher self.

Radical Transformation is Immanent

Universal Galactic Code
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