Tulum Ruins-2000 (photo by R.L.)

This is a collection of writings that will continue to grow
as I organize and scan my portfolio of over 40 years.

I pray you get inspiration, education and encouragement
to open your heart to the healing power of love.
Do you feel the love flowing between us?

Love is the ingredient that grows our connection with each other.
Love is what gives us the power to unite in solidarity of one-mindedness.

Love builds strength and character
by awakening our higher consciousness
to peace and prosperity.

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Pot Peace-Vicki Leo Senn
Pot Peace by Vicki Leo Senn


Pot Peace by Vicki Leo Senn

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Violet is my Spiritual Identity and  my favorite color that denotes spiritual intentions. A group of young adults, I coined the "Sunshine Gang," ("Sunshine," in particular) discovered this about me, over 30 years ago. Violet mode to me is my true nature, unbridled and free as a bird to fly all over the world with natural, god-given power to ride the ethereal waves of electromagnetic frequency by utilizing my light body to make the journey. You have these gifts when you are born. You can still build and develop your unique qualities. Awaken to your immense spiritual power that can fuel your conscience.

You have what it takes to learn and grow into your true self again and again by living at your highest potential at any given time in your life; healing yourself and others with the power of love. When our brains heal, we will end war. Peace is what matters to the planet. Peace can save the earth, animals, oceans, air, our finances and our humanity. Peace is truly the Way.

I will fill in the blank places with more writing.

Oneness with the universe is a state of mind you acquire when you develop your spiritual qualities and discover the unseen world. If you are thirsting for truth, stick around. You are important to the movement for peace and prosperity, nothing less will be tolerable.

Develop your spiritual identity before you need it to survive. It takes practice; first, to find the truth, then to live the truth rather than always accepting the established way of thinking. Your activated spiritual nature opens a whole plethora of opportunities to know thyself. All you need is your mind to take you inside of yourself. Relax your grip on physical reality to grow in understanding and knowingness of the invisible world and the universe beyond. The physical is only one aspect of your true self. You have spiritual, emotional, and psychic aspects to grow your expertise.

    We are Anonymous    
support free speech
Free Speech
  We are Anonymous 
We are Legion. We are here, now.

Expect U.S.

Violet Contact Information

Violet Contact Information

More Writing Uploaded Soon - Thank You for Being Here
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