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the Arrival
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Om Is
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Hidden World Temple Mountain
Violet Angel
Angels Among us
Angel Brigade
Angels for Peace
Prayer for Humanity
Violet Angel Angels Among US Angel Brigade Angels for Humanity Prayer for Humanity

Dancing in the Light
Pope's Secret Moon Phases Mystery Teachings Water Theory Global Warming
Pope's Secret
Dzibilchaltun, Mexico
Moon Phases
Cairo, Egypt
Mystery Teachings
Cairo, Egypt
Water Theory
Srinagar, Kashmir
Global Warming
Srinagar, Kashmir
Consciousness Max-v1 Max-v2 Max-v3 Mountains
Consciousness M-v1 M-v2 M-v3 Mountains

Universal Galactic Code
with love from the Old One

ugc-40-Clue 1
ugc-12-Clue 2
ugc-26-Clue 4
UGC 35 UGC 40 UGC 20 UGC 12 UGC 26
Study the Entire Series
Break in the Core Mini Series
Mini Series

Color Therapy-1
Color Therapy 1 Color Therapy 2 Color Therapy 3 Flame of Burning Desire Beyond the Iris
Chakra Awareness
Aswan, Egypt
Color Therapy Technique
Aswan, Egypt
Color Therapy Technique
Aswan, Egypt
Flame of Burning Desire
Srinagar, Kashmir
Beyond the Iris
Athens, Ohio

Healing Hand Configurations
by Vicki Leo Senn with Guest Artist Abby

Master Kuthumi

  Healing Hands 1  Healing Hands 1   Healing Hands 2  Healing Hands 2
Thumbs (1)                                      Thumbs and Index Fingers (2)
   Healing Hands 3  Healing Hands 4  Healing Hands 4  Healing Hands 4
Middle Fingers (3)                                                                                      Index and Middle Fingers (4)
Healing Hands 5  Healing Hands 6  Healing Hands 7
                 Thumbs and Little Fingers (5) Hands Covering Hips (6)  Bent Knuckles (7) (unfinished)               
More Art Coming Soon

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