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The story I want you to imagine took place in 1984.

Your imagination opens your mind's eye, your pineal gland.
You probably know things not usually understood.
You have natural born abilities to work with aether and scalar energy.

Nikola Tesla - The Forgotten Wizard-Father Of Scalar Energy

Published on Sep 8, 2009 - Nikola Tesla, who was born 10 July 1856; Smiljan, Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia), demonstrated the existence of Scalar Energy. Tesla, who became a US citizen in 1891 carried on James Clark Maxwell's work and soon began to harness Scalar Energy without using any wires. Tesla referred to this energy as standing energy or universal waves.
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History-Early aether theories from Wikipedia
James Clerk Maxwell
James Clerk Maxwell
"Zero-point energy evolved from historical ideas about the vacuum. To Aristotle the vacuum was τὸ κενόν, "the empty"; space bereft of body. He believed this concept violated basic physical principles and asserted that the elements of fire, air, earth, and water were not made of atoms, but were continuous. To the atomists the concept of emptiness had absolute character: it was the distinction between existence and nonexistence.[22] Debate about the characteristics of the vacuum were largely confined to the realm of philosophy, it was not until much later on with the beginning of the renaissance, that Otto von Guericke invented the first vacuum pump and the first testable scientific ideas began to emerge. It was thought that a totally empty volume of space could be created by simply removing all gases. This was the first generally accepted concept of the vacuum.[23]

Late in the 19th century, however, it became apparent that the evacuated region still contained thermal radiation. The existence of the aether as a substitute for a true void was the most prevalent theory of the time. According to the successful electromagnetic aether theory based upon Maxwell's electrodynamics, this all-encompassing aether was endowed with energy and hence very different from nothingness. The fact that electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena were easily transmitted in empty space indicated that their associated aethers were part of the fabric of space itself. Maxwell himself noted that: To those who maintained the existence of a plenum as a philosophical principle, nature's abhorrence of a vacuum was a sufficient reason for imagining an all-surrounding aether... Aethers were invented for the planets to swim in, to constitute electric atmospheres and magnetic effluvia, to convey sensations from one part of our bodies to another, and so on, till a space had been filled three or four times with aethers.[24]

However, the results of the Michelson–Morley experiment in 1887 were the first strong evidence that the then-prevalent aether theories were seriously flawed, and initiated a line of research that eventually led to special relativity, which ruled out the idea of a stationary aether altogether. To scientists of the period, it seemed that a true vacuum in space might be completely eliminated by cooling thus eliminating all radiation or energy. From this idea evolved the second concept of achieving a real vacuum: cool it down to absolute zero temperature after evacuation. Absolute zero was technically impossible to achieve in the 19th century, so the debate remained unsolved."

Of course you sense this spiritual energy. Maybe you did not define it, or think about it much, but you naturally perceive it all around you. Your spiritual being is made of this energy, the part of you that lives on after your physical body fails; you go back to the original  energy source. Become more aware of your true self, it's already a part of you for a reason, to guide you toward your highest potential, whether you use this resource or not. Communication is inherent in these loving, divine waves of consciousness. All you have to do is listen with your mind and heart. Let the knowledge and creative force flow through you, absorb this energy to begin your journey. Achieve your dreams.
Lotus Garden
Let yourself blossom naturally.


Visualize a crystal shield of invisible protective force all around you, keep it there.
Learn to recognize this frequency so you know when you are generating it.
Use crystal power to tap into the energy waves that enhance your mind and body
whether you feel it, or perceive it, or not.

This energy wave is subtle, like a whisper just out of hearing range.
It does not communicate with words, it is not a voice, it is a feeling,
a knowing, something all beings experience just by
opening their mind to this type of energy wave; becoming familiar with it.
Allow yourself to pick up on the gentle waves of conscious awareness.

State your intention to the universe in exact words
that show your passionate desire
to develop your spiritual consciousness.
See what comes back to you.
Keep meditating, as long as it takes to get results.
Your passion ignites the forces to action.
Awaken to the Invisible World.
You may receive messages in dreams. Journal them.
Your guides may converse with you through telepathy.
Take notes to chart your development.
Review them to remember accurately in the future.
Your dream journals add detail to your budding spiritual expression.
You become your true self.
Looking back at your life, in years to come, you may be better able to understand,
forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes, praise yourself for all your accomplishments
and heal your mind to move forward
in your development of your higher self even further,
even if you gave up for a time, reacquaint yourself with your true nature.

You know much of what you remember about yourself
goes back to before you were even able to reason,
so there is no guilt, only recognition, resolve and healing.
Begin tapping in to your dreams as a child, to see if you remember accurately.
Reacquaint yourself with your younger self, let yourself be healed by love.

We are the Resistance

Your guides have been with you since day one and before,
when you were only a twinkling in your mother's imagination.
They have been waiting to communicate with you all this time.

Keep your mind and heart open to their guidance.
Universal freedom of body, mind and spirit are our god given right.
May you always remember the sacred bond we all have with each other.
We are one in responsibility to each other, our planet and Mother Nature,
provider of sustenance and survival of all beings who live here.

We all have a right to live in peace.

Never give up, practice the presence of God Energy Creative Force.
Open your mind to the unseen world.
Notice, acknowledge, praise and work with

these beneficent forces to heal our selves and heal our planet
for all generations to come.

Index to Universal Galactic Code
A being of consciousness identified himself as the Old One. He came to me in Tulum and Chichen Itza Ruins, Yucatan, Mexico; December, 1984 to manifest the start of a very special ancient writing healing project, not knowing it would take over 34 years to prepare for its inauguration on line. He never gave up on me completing my part of the project. Every being has a part, even if you don't know what it is, yet. That's why you are here, to figure it out and be open to your own counsel, your own higher consciousness and intuition that guides you if you let it.

Maybe you are someone who knows how powerful our minds really are, and know that we are born with special psychic abilities related to communication with the invisible world. I don't control my abilities, I let it happen in it's own fashion, I enable the spirit of God energy beings to speak or communicate in any way they choose. I perceive it like a radio, bringing in the frequencies of the universe and recording the data. There is no making it happen. I let it happen. You either sense it, recognize it and learn to work with it or  not, but if you don't, you can learn. We were born to feel, hear, understand, and utilize the spiritual world, the wave of loving vibrational intelligent creative force that embodies the rest of everything we need to be whole.

credit-public domain photo

Living Inspired Spiritual Masters
roaming the earth in humble light bodies and abodes
would like to converse with you.
"We know how to 
the Earth and Evolve Peace."

Tulum Ruins, Yucatan, Mexico; 2000
Index to universal galactic code
the Old One telepathically began speaking in a low voice as I allowed him to use my arm and hand to write. He explained, "We need everyone on earth to become aware and conscious, actively seeking the manifestation of peace through planetary, universal upgrade of consciousness. Heal thyself, heal the planet. You are meant to join us in saving the natural world."
You, who are reading this computer screen as we speak. the Old One wishes to communicate with you, he stands for a number of wise entities from the Center of All That Is who have gathered at this auspicious time in Earth’s history to manifest radical transformation toward the consciousness of peace.
spiritual revolution

As you gaze at the ancient writing,
you absorb the spiritual force embedded within the

Index to universal galactic code

It is infused with Brain Healing Spiritual Love, Kindness, Compassion, and Peace.
the Old One paints silver lines and pictorial looking writing with my silver Outliner pen. I know the pen can be messy, but the ink is flowing perfectly and I am not making one single mistake. I am excited and exhilarated, my heart is racing. I am getting little goose bumps all over my body. The energy emanating from this old codger is so absolutely divine, so inspiring. My heart is beating to his frequency. We work together as one, seamlessly bound.

Imagine ...
for these few days in time,
the Ancient Ones have chosen you
to interpret their energy frequency.
They want to tell an ancient story
that is already embedded
in our consciousness,
we only need to gaze at it
to remember it.
We knew how to read it at birth.
This knowledge kept us alive
through delivery
of our delicate
spiritual beings

into our physical beings.

Recognize and feel the
High Spiritual Presence
all around you
as you absorb information
while gazing
at the silver ink
and the script
that is so old
we can hardly fathom it,
so old, it just is.

God Healing Energy
Vibratory Frequency Wave
Universal Creative Force
Manifested itself
at the Beginning of Everything.

Gaze at the silver ink. It is sparkly, flickering like a beam of bright moonlight dancing into your bedroom window. You realize how truly amazing it is that you are a part of this manifestation of awakening consciousness. Spread the word of peace and prosperity through freedom of choice.


Universal Galactic Code

There are beings on the planet at this time in earth's evolution who can and will read the Universal Galactic Code. They will glean information from the artistic illuminated characters infused with ancient wisdom. These readers are enlightened ones who may also find treasure in physical and metaphysical form. You are the lighthouses for the masses, confirm the discovery and spread the word. Spiritual revolution to upgrade our evolution to manifest peace and prosperity for all.
Are YOU One of the Readers?
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This writing is just as beautifully magical, mystical and mysterious as the day I wrote it down for the the old one, so long ago. It is as if the writing has life and spiritual consciousness of its own. I am still excited to gaze upon it after all these years, I never feel bored or tired, only invigorated and blessed to work with the energy emanating from the script. This resource has been given to us filled with so much love and kindness from invisible beings who wish to use this ancient form of communication that anyone can understand with their higher consciousness. The awakening happens in subtle increments, always expanding with more information if you are open to it and desire to learn from it. Join our alliance for global survival. We believe the earth and our  humanity is at stake. Should we negate the guides offering because they have transformed their light bodies into the aethereal realm of everlasting life and can no longer be seen by mere mortals?
Vicki Leo Senn
Millfield, Ohio; 2006

Remember, remember 
We are Legion. We are here, now.
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