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Contact me!

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I am heavily devoted to Anti-War Politics, Nature, Healing, Wellness, Travel and Spirituality. My content reflects these passions. I'm still gathering pieces from my original works to show you. I became a web master to bring my portfolio to you. Now a 33 year continuing project of mine finally begins to materialize here, on line. I am almost finished with my first book and will sell it here. That was the point of the whole project, to sell my books here! I never knew it would take so agonizingly long to figure out the puzzle! I am delighted you are here to celebrate this with me. Please tell your friends if you like violet creations. Visit any of the links below to begin:


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Spiritual Revolution

OM is Where my Heart is.


One God
One Nation
One World
One Planet
We the People

One World Order!

Do you know the difference?

Theosophists say:

"There is no Religion Higher than Truth."

"It is Man's right to control Religion,
Not Religion's Right to Control Man!"

God Energy is the Creative Power of the Universe.



Universal Information Highway?


is ethereal.

You use your mind
to travel there.


is the unseen world,

the rest of the real world,
the spiritual world .

It exists whether you

acknowledge it or not,
or whether you believe it or not.


is galactic consciousness,

galactic awareness,
universal life force.

Change your life in an instant
with this information.
Awareness opens your mind
thinking about things
you may never have
considered before.

Awareness connects the dots
to your own personal history
and also your beloved ancestors.

is open to everyone.

There is abundant truth and light
to incorporate into your being.

I am here to awaken you,

To confirm what you have wondered.




Recognize your great potential for action
on the information assimilating
in your consciousness right now.

email me

Violet Angel

directs the energies of the universe.
(You can, too)

These are my offerings of love, knowledge and support.

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Are you interested in the paranormal?
Have you had experiences?
Do tell!
Have you ever heard anyone talking to you from another realm, another reality or parallel world? Have you seen visions from these worlds, or communicated between dimensions? Have you seen the grid of the earth, or done remote viewing? Do you understand people without talking? Do you know things about the unseen world? Have you seen or heard beings or creatures through your abilities of clairvoyance and telepathy that you were born with? Have you seen a UFO or more? Have you communicated with the beings inside? Were you abducted? Have you ever done astral travel? Do you know about your sacred cord that holds you to the earth? Do you talk to dead people and therefore know they are not dead; only in another dimension? Have you ever done automatic writing? Are you a medium? Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient? Ah, good for you. Whatever you answered just now, to any of these questions; you are meant to be here. I have been experiencing other worldly phenomenon since I was a child and as time goes by, I will tell you all about it, but first, let us all gather together as one force using our global higher conscious intelligence created from healing love energy waves, the substance of our spiritual bodies to save our planet. We are One. Time is running out. All Life Matters. We are a force, a legion, a spiritual revolution for peace.
Spiritual Revolution
I can offer all the documented evidence in the world. Some people will still deny it. Others will realize the truth and grow in wisdom, by researching the information for themselves;coming up with logical conclusions, then acting on the knowledge gained. Don't believe any of this because I say so, make up your own mind. I am one resource for your research. It's up to you to round out your education. Almost all my talents related to spiritual development have no proof at all. It just is. I let it come and go as it pleases and step out of the way to accommodate this presence in my life. I live with gratitude and thankfulness in my heart for all the blessings that come my way in tiny packages of love.

What kind of person are you?
I will steer you in the direction of your true self.
Violet's Gallery of CreationsViolet's Gallery of CreationsViolet's Gallery of Creations

No matter what I offer, if you staunchly don't believe it before we even begin, because you do not understand it, or you have never experienced anything like this personally, you won't be able to learn from my offering. There's no harm in opening your mind to new information that may ultimately benefit your well being. Who knows, maybe you will notice it is a natural process that proceeds from the raising of your consciousness and awareness of the unseen world. Who knows, you just might resonate with this information and realize you know much more than you thought you did. You may start to remember things that you forgot about your higher abilities and developed consciousness from your past. Once you begin acknowledging and working with your layers of intelligence, you will become whole. We are blessed to work together.

Welcome my brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, grandmothers, grandfathers, nieces, nephews, and all the ancestors who are gone in body, but not consciousness. Acknowledge them to gain their support and wisdom; they are still around to work with U.S. We need all conscious souls to participate in the healing of the earth by healing our own minds first.
Have you come upon an angel in your travels? Your reward is a showering of unconditional healing love, made of the same god energy that moves through the universe, permeates our souls, and ultimately transforms our world. They do not always show their wings, but they are still angels. Their actions give them away. They are full of joy and good will. You can see the light in their eyes and on their foreheads. They are fun to be around. They gift healing hugs worth remembering for life, and fill your ears with the healing sound of their laughter. If you ever get to hug one, you will be jolted by their powerful electromagnetic energy, flowing from god through their body to you. They are a conduit of God's love.

Sandro Botticelli Painting
Sandro Botticelli (credit: public domain)

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