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I've had one gigantic project going with my guides since I was 31 years young. I traveled to Mexico and India two times each to study and to manifest the art and writing. It took years to formulate a master plan; traveling, gathering relevant information, and meeting wise people  in unusual, coincidental circumstances everywhere I traveled who taught me what I needed to understand and grow. Each part fits together. I always believed I could succeed. God Loving Energy Vibration drove my motivation and endurance through some of the most extreme circumstances of my life. Having come through this growth period, it is all worth it to be here today with you reading this.

This is a spiritual revolution to upgrade our evolution. World Peace is preferable to War. You are part of the solution. We need everyone who believes to spread the words of peace. Life is for living in health and prosperity. When we open our consciousness, heal our minds, support peace loving candidates, raise our frequency to peace and prosperity vibration we will transform our planet. We the People have this power, let U.S. all join together with the rest of the world in peace and freedom.

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When I first started doing art, I used some Dover copyright-free images. You can tell when you see the entry page, where I have a little night scene with a dark building, a light post and sky. That is Dover art. I added my own Violet Angel of Transmutation who opens the gateway to the universe of understanding and the graphic above it, Universal Information Highway.

You have something to express. The world needs your beneficial contribution. Trust yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself enough to rise to your best version. You can accomplish your dreams, get out of your own way. Nothing can stop you. Sometimes no one is ever supposed to see your art, maybe it is meant to motivate and inspire you; to help you grow and develop into your best self, but you also have work you can be pleased to show. Banish fear and disapproval from your thinking. Move forward toward your goals; what you want, what you need, what you desire for your self. You can conquer all the obstacles in your way, one at a time, methodically. Never give up, even if you think it is taking too long. It is what it is, proceed.

I don't consider myself an artist, but I get inspired and do art anyway. Art works my brain in a way that is different from writing. I love working with color to offer soothing therapy for the mind. Colors affect our mood. Wear colors that heal you, take note of how you feel in different colors of your wardrobe. Recycle those that are depressing. Lighten your outlook.

I don't pretend to know any sort of technical stuff about art, but I can certainly appreciate great art, everyone can. You don't have to be an artist to enjoy and benefit from doing art. My art is very primitive, but sometimes, somehow it gets my point across. I never considered showing anyone my art over roughly 30 some years of doing it, until now. Everyone has art inside them. Everyone has their own feelings and interpretations about art. Everyone is right and no one is wrong in their opinion of art. Art is for everyone to learn about and enjoy.

I have a lot to publish. More writing from the Guides and Ancient Ones will be uploaded after I finish this ground level part of the site and my first book. Keep checking back for new material. We are the light of understanding. Replace ignorance with knowledge.

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Abolish the Drug War
Jack Herer's Story
R.I.P. Jack
photo by Jeannie Herer
Emperor of Hemp

Watch these videos; four parts; great!
Jack Herer's Story

Let U.S. Grow Weed

Jack taught us, we should always continue learning, become knowledgeable and excel in our abilities to educate WE THE PEOPLE without having to be mean about it or getting stressed or angry when giving the information. We used to be so upset after learning the truth about marijuana that we tended to get heated up when trying to discuss something with dumb ass and ignorant, (not knowing) people that were young, old and every age in between. He taught us to present truthful facts and documentation, but not be confrontational. After all, he reasoned, we have the proof now, we don't have to be confrontational or upset, we have the proof. No one can deny it. This strategy worked. We spread the word in the best possible way, palatable to all the straight people who were afraid of us telling the truth about pot. They could not admit they were wrong and thus have to recognize the cognitive dissonance in their thinking, way of life and complicity in continuing a war against people telling the truth and doing no harm.

Don't get me wrong, Jack could be extremely confrontational given certain circumstances, but not in a threatening way, unless the truth and leg slapping humor with a deadly serious overtone was threatening, and often it was to those who were super defensive of their money making lies and deception. I was in the presence of a master and I knew it one minute after meeting him in 1988. He had me at "marijuana is a good thing and I can prove it."
He never ignored a chance to educate even one person at a time to change their incorrect thinking, or expand their already opened mind with the truth that he knew would eventually set u.s. all free. He was genius at educating the people and a blessing to our planet. I miss him every day.

Jack taught us to never back down from the truth and to slay all prohibitionist dragons with precise, documented information that can not be disputed. He inspired us to learn the facts and the proof, so emotions would not complicate an already explosive subject matter. No one ever won his $10,000 challenge for acquiring proof that his information was false. I used to love watching prohibitionists, law enforcement, doctors, lawyers, politicians, alkies, cancer cigarette smokers, and parents with kids get obliterated in every single argument they came up with that stemmed from their limited understanding and knowledge of the truth and the documentation. Jack was kind to people, if they really were ignorant, (not knowing,) and infinitely passionate toward his goal of disproving our corrupt, inhumane government for continuing this unconscionable, treasonous war against our planet. He was intent to abolish the The Drug War System. Legalization would only bring more control and regulation from our persecutors. Insults never came close to touching us, after all, we had the truth on our side, but we got horrid criticism regularly toward our personal integrity from people desperate to keep all the lies, deception and misinformation as truth to justify keeping marijuana illegal. They didn't even suspect that it was their integrity that was in question, and still is. It's long overdue time to abolish this unconstitutional, highly illegal, antiquated way of milking the American People for CASH to carry on their illegal, unconstitutional wars around the world, and our BODIES to fill up their (should be illegal) prisons for profit. We are not their chattel to dispense with as they please. We the People are insane to pay these degenerates our tax paying dollars to carry on a war against U.S.

WE THE PEOPLE are the bosses of our persecutors, yet most prohibitionists take no responsibility for carrying on a war against U.S. We have a right to peace, privacy and prosperity over lies, intimidation, control and deception to justify prisons, murder, fear and constant war. Our planet is assaulted daily by poor choices from our supposed representatives. It is time to abolish the system that proven without a doubt is a detriment to our society and a harbinger of death for our planet.

420 Hemp Emporium and Politics
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We are Legion. We are here, now.
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