the Old One

"Carlos Delgado; CC-BY-SA"
The Temple of God Wind in the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico by Carlos Delgado; CC-BY-SA (Wikicommons)
I was sitting on a huge boulder at the lighthouse on the cliff, gazing out at the blue green waters of the Caribbean Sea. The new, empty unicorn journal was open on my lap to the page I sensed we would use. A new outliner pen was poised to write. Sitting and waiting in silent reverence, watching the empty page, I was ready. Within a few minutes an entity walked up and sat down beside me like we were sharing a seat. It happened naturally, seamlessly. There was no thinking, he just began writing with my arm and hand. My eyes studied the paper as he wrote. His energy was loving and kind, he lifted my spiritual frequency, my heart was beating to the sound of the pen gliding effortlessly over the paper. I was focused, calm, disciplined, alert and exerting no control over his movements. I could hear him breathing slowly as he wrote, making little humming sounds as he came to the end of a line. He didn't introduce himself though, until several pages and several places later. He used my resources to write but did not carry on a conversation yet, he did nothing that would cloud our concentration. I felt him hanging out with me, he just wasn't talking.

Tulum Ruins; December 15, 1984
Updated December 12, 2017

Universal Galactic Code-6

Universal Galactic Code-5Universal Galactic Code-17

"The Ancient Ones are here. You are in the right place at the right time. Third eye awakens. Gaze at this illuminated art. Individuals will receive information meant especially for them. This is a list of symbols used throughout the ancient scripts. See what catches your eye. Notice if you gravitate to the same symbols when you see the large size originals. These are the symbols to study first, designed to enlighten and evolve consciousness with the unseen world. It is possible that archaeologists and spiritual pioneers will discover artifacts showing this same original universal language that your consciousness reads and your mind understands."

Tulum Ruins, Yucatan, Mexico
December 15, 1984

(updated comment and pages, by me, the Old One, through my faithful adept. December 12, 2017)

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