the Writings of
 DaWan Kanoble

Transribed by Vicki Leo Senn, our faithful adept.
(edited for updates, personal remarks, grammar, spelling, or spacing with permission and instruction from the authors-7-26-2017)

unknown artist-Egyptian Nocturne
unknown artist-Egyptian Nocturne

by DaWan Kanoble
Cairo, Egypt, March-1985
It will take some time to get in to the swing of things and will be easier right now to speak through your guide in your own language. How very fantastic of him to do me the pleasure. You will have to understand that some things in this respect will be lost because of the inability to translate some of our language.

Welcome to Giza. It is your first experience in this environment, yes? I am enjoying all the new sounds and sights. It is very different from what I am familiar with. I give you my thanks and appreciation for giving me this opportunity! I am now in accordance with a pact I once made with an old friend of mine, the one you  call, The Old One. We are both very pleased and we exalt in your openness to this project.

When the time came in Atlantis to leave on the ships, my friend, the Old One and I got separated due to miscommunication and not really understanding the totality of the decisions we made that day, you might say. We realized the full magnitude of our separation shortly after departure, but alas, it was too late. In the whole scheme of things, it was but a wink of an eye, but it was emotionally devastating. We were both delighted when we met up again in the “happy hunting ground.”

The Old One was not as bold to try to translate into English on paper. He did a fine job with verbal manifestation but you have no means to review those communications for further reference; a short-sightedness on our part. We apologize. I studied to give you an understanding of what it used to be like in a language that you can understand. We realized this after your first project. It may take awhile before you understand what the Old One wrote down, but at least you have it. That is what matters most!
Long History of Pyramids
The Giza Pyramid complex, photographed by Eduard Spelterini from a hot air balloon in 1904
Photo: (Public Domain/WikiCommons)

Great Pyramid

An interior passageway of the Great Pyramid of Giza,
built during the reign of the King Khufu (2589-2566 BCE,
also known as Cheops) of the 4th Dynasty, Egypt.
Photograph taken in 1910 CE

Note from Violet: I get claustrophobia something fierce. The day we went up into the King's Chamber, it was no different. There were so many people on these steps, it was hard to breathe. There was no room to move your body or turn around. Everyone was almost gasping for air; I know I was. There was almost no room to stop for a moment to look at anything. I got faint and needed to rest, but it was a monument and the caretakers led the sheep like they were in a big hurry. You had to pay outrageous prices to see these places, but then get rushed to get going and leave a.s.a.p. This attitude was prevalent from the first moment we arrived in country. The tourists were used in every way possible and not given any respect or friendliness. Nope, we were not valued in any way. We were just something to abuse by demanding astronomical prices for services not rendered, then giving poor service with no charisma at all. Thankfulness and gratitude for the money we provide for their sustenance? What's that? The taking, shady nature of these people got to me about a week into the trip, but I kept my cool until the very last day when I screamed what ass holes they are, completely disgusting, and without conscience. They smiled and nodded yes. I wasn't sure if they agreed with me or just didn't know English and wanted to get out of there, pronto. I suspect the former, that they knew exactly what I was saying and gave me an Oh you got us look with a grand smile to show me no hard feelings! This was a lesson I carried with me every place thereafter. When I got into the King's Chamber I waited it out for some semblance of privacy for meditation. Antiquity overtook my soul. I felt as if I was transformed back to the days of old when my friend DaWan Kanoble traveled this earth. The writing flowed flawlessly.
Cairo, Egypt
Great Pyramid
Meditation Room (Kings Chamber)
March 27, 1985
by DaWan Kanoble
You are in the meditation room where we fasted with water to cleanse the body and soul. Not many were allowed here. This was a special place for scholars, nobility and theologians. One or two days in this chamber and you find enlightenment for the soul; divine white pyramid light shining on the crown chakras. Rejuvenation is something done a few times a year, all in moderation, too much and you become exactly that which you do not want to be; confused and not of sound mind.

As you know, the electricity was not here, so we had candles to use. Most of the time we stayed in the dark! It was not a place for 'fraidy cats. Strength of spirit was required to enter. You proved yourself beforehand and then you gained access. The stone coffer (sarcophagus) you see was filled with good, pure water and the initiate would bathe many times during the time spent here. If you can picture what it was like for a person, laying in the water, in the dark, in the silence. Ah, it was such an inspiration to all. It is not such a sacred place anymore, as the government will allow access to anyone with enough money. We never let money be a way to get what we wanted in this respect. Moral integrity was of the utmost importance. Chanting was a way to communicate with the gods (wise men and guides for humanity) and as you have just allowed me to demonstrate for you, it is good for the spirit as well. Clean health, clean mind, clean spirit – not unlike what you strive for, my dear. We have much in common, you will always stay in my heart.

DaWan Kanoble
Egypt 3-31-1985

(Hello my dear) One of the reasons why the Old One and I got together for this project is to make all of you aware of the coming time when the earth will roll on its side. We originally left Atlantis on ships when we knew the time was inevitable and now it is in the works again. Time to button down the hatches and prepare for the earth changes ahead. The last tilt happened after we arrived at our destinations. We were guided to go to areas of safety, energy vortexes. The Yucatan is where the Old One went, Egypt is where I went and a little known island in the Polynesian chain were three of the main areas for survival, as well as the Americas.

I went with my mother, father, two uncles and families. Two sisters stayed in Atlantis because they did not believe in our “stories from heaven." We never saw them again and we were anguished about it. The ship was docked on the western shore. We rode a “lift” to the top of the water. It was a large shaft, a vacuum elevator with oxygen. It took approximately fifty minutes to transcend the space between Atlantis and the top of the water. At this period Atlantis was surviving under the water. I was a young man of seventeen years. I did not understand all that was going on, but I felt trust in my parents’ decision, so I went with them. We traveled on the ocean waters about nineteen full moons to reach what you now call Egypt. My mother got very ill from the appalling conditions on the ship. We were not prepared for such a long journey and did not bring enough supplies. We docked several times when we saw land but were told that this was not the place for our roots. We gathered food and greens to give us health and continued on our way.

When we started our journey there were ninety-seven people on board. Dignitaries as well as commoners. We arrived in the land of our roots with sixty-three survivors. All that survived felt great blessings from the white light above which guided our sailing ship across the waters. We wondered how all our other fellow Atlantians fared going to their respective safe locations.

We were guided to leave our homeland and endured terrible living conditions, for what, we did not exactly know. We were driven by our inner souls to flee what we knew as secure and comfortable to a land where we would have to start over from scratch. We said we must surely be either crazy, or terribly avant-garde. We placed ourselves in a position to be inundated with hard back-breaking labor and we did this with a faith in our inner voices that we were yet to discover further.

My mother, Antrodemia had a baby daughter shortly after arrival from the old land. My father, Dreat Kanoble was very fond of the water lilly and decided that the name of the new baby should be Lilly, pure and fresh; the first baby in the new land. Never was there such a charming little lady. She was the star of our tribe. Times were rough but we were in the land of plenty and we were not afraid. We now grew enough grains and vegetables to subsist rather nicely and we reveled in the opportunity to live above the waters once more. My father Dreat had been above water twice before in his life, as a small boy, but only for short durations of time. He told us many stories from those he heard from his ancestors and we thought living above water must surely be life in heaven. This we found to be true. We missed some of the technology that was about us in Atlantis, but we gained the knowledge needed to sustain ourselves without extra help provided. We were quite happy in the years that followed.

When I was a young man of twenty-three years I met a most beautiful woman. She was three years my junior and I met her walking home to my area of residence. I was coming from my teacher’s home where I learned the Ways of Old. I studied the ancient writing of my ancestors, as well as the new language that was becoming prevalent in those days. We had arrivals from many parts of the world and all were melding together and learning to communicate with each other. I couldn't get enough education. I basked in the light of awareness and consciousness. I was an initiate and took my vocation seriously. I was on the verge of breaking through to a new level of awareness and spent every waking moment soaking up what I could learn from my environment. I spent my time studying with my elders who studied the stars and with my elders who studied the earth. I studied what you know of as religion as well as spirituality. My spirit grew strong.

Walking home from a particularly interesting conversation with my teacher, I laid eyes upon Nayeon, the beauty of my dreams and fantasies. I was bold and walked straight up to this young one and pronounced my name and my intentions of winning her heart. She laughed quite loudly and told me to show it. For the next fifty-five years I proved my love and devotion with great amusement and pleasure.

Nayeon was a vibrant energy that was always a great joy and rejuvenation to me. She gave me countless hours of devotion and attention, she soothed my weary brow on many needed occasions. As the years went on numerous people depended on my guidance and knowledge, as well as personal counseling services. Nayeon gave back to me that which I was giving to her and others. She was a perfect compliment to me in our healing life together.

When I was thirty-two years old and Nayeon was twenty-nine, and our son named Ratoon was two years old, the earth did a turn over on her side, and life changed once again, more drastically than we ever imagined possible. The message from heaven told us it was a cleansing process, and mother earth was tired of the way she was positioned. A new change was needed, and here, after all these years was when we realized how important it was to our survival to follow our inner voices of guidance coming from the light of our inner eye.

What I have been saying to you probably does not correspond to what you have learned or even been told before. History states that the pyramids were built approximately 5 thousand years ago. This is not true. They were possibly built upon and enlarged during that period, but the original were here and intact. They were built with the help of our heavenly brothers from other areas of the universe who came to earth to plant seeds of higher development and knowledge. There were no people when the pyramids were erected. Our heavenly brothers went about sowing seeds that would be grown, cultivated, developed and utilized by the new life force creations. Around this period a meteor struck earth, where you call Arizona in North America. This messenger vehicle delivered seeds of life consciousness.

When I say heavenly brothers, I do not mean human beings in human form, although they did manifest forms in order to fit in to this environment to get the work done. The process used to build the structures was a very high frequency sound wave. Our brothers telepathically raised the level of frequency and moved the stone in to place through thought projection. This is a process that was utilized in the civilization of Lemuria, and one which some of you on the earth plane are capable of manifesting. Please continue your studies and perfect your abilities.

The heavenly brothers were pleased with their accomplishment; their guidance for our future and their contribution to the safety and survival of our civilization. They built the first physical structure on an energy vortex to house survivors from mother earth’s cleansing process. In the beginning God Energy filled the earth with life.

3-31-85 Train to Luxor (continued)
Seeds sown, our heavenly brothers stepped back to allow this newly created life process to develop on its own.

Now you are wondering what year Dawan Kanoble arrived in Egypt from Atlantis. It was around 9,000-8,000 B.C. When we arrived there was a tiny population of hunters, gatherers, and growers, very primitive, dark skinned. We had dark skin, too. By our evolution from the years in Atlantis, our skin grew to be darker, until we fit right in. This took many generations of evolution. We met people who came on a journey from Lemuria. They were also given a message from above, and they were preparing for the cleansing. We band together to work as a whole entity, organizing labor according to specific skills that were available among the members of our cooperative. This was a great accomplishment because we were not able to communicate very efficiently with the natives. We were feeling quite lonely when we met up with the Lemurians. They did not have dark skin and had to cover themselves up to protect themselves from the great sun above, the center of the universe. We were surprised at how much we had in common, for being from different continents. We developed a great love for each other. Our level of awareness seemed to be much different from the natives. We utilized mental telepathy as a normal, every day process of communication. This had to be kept secret. The natives were not like us. Our thought patterns were longer and more involved. We were adept at critical thinking with a greater understanding of its significance and importance in planning a new civilization. We did not have to learn everything; we figured something out through trial and error. We communicated with each other and utilized the knowledge we gained from these conversations. We had no conflicts.

LAHIDA (1) Girl
She married YOMUSTAPH in Lemuria and brought him along.
They had three children in the new land
BOWIN – Their son born in the new land

NORINCIAMA  The grand mother
CALYANE - Son of Norinciama
LABAHINDY – The daughter of Norinciama
TAI HINDEN  The great grandmother
ZUL UUM – the grandfather
DANTELIA – The great grandfather

The above list is the Lemurians. They told us others sailed for the new land but we never became aware of any more. It is not something you talked about openly because we did not want to be a threat to the natives. We kept a low profile and studied the natives to a great extent in order to “fit in” with their environment. We did not wish to draw attention to ourselves.

ANTRODEMIA My mother 31 yrs when we left Atlantis
DREAT  My father 35 yrs when we left Atlantis
LILLY  My sister born in the new land
DAWAN – 17 yrs when we left.  My mother was 14 when she had me
NAYEON My wife whom I met here in the new land.  3 yrs my junior, 14 yrs in Egypt when I left Atlantis
DORSIDE My sister who did not come on our journey with us
EVANGELA 15 yrs when we left
RATOON My firstborn 12 yrs after our arrival
RAZOOL (2) Boy 15 yrs after our arrival
RAINA (3) Girl 16 yrs after our arrival
NORLEEA (4) Girl 18 yrs after our arrival-all born in the new land
BRONYAN (5) Boy 20 yrs after our arrival
NAZOOL (6) Boy 22 yrs after our arrival in the new land Nayeon was 37 yrs

RIZINE Dreat’s brother 38 yrs when we left Atlantis
LEAN His wife 36 yrs when we left Atlantis
NORZEEN (1) Girl 12 yrs old when we began the journey
RANTEF (2) Boy 8 yrs old when we left
LONELL (3) Girl born in the new land 5 yrs after arrival Lean was 42 yrs old

DAEL Antrodemia’s brother 28 yrs when we left Atlantis. He wasn’t married when we left Atlantis
He married YANINA LOHOF 6 yrs after arrival-he was 34-she was 29 yrs old when they married


Egypt, Giza and Aswan

Map of Mediterranean Sea

4-1-85 Cairo Dawan Kanoble

We arrived in the new land on the northern shore, what you call the Mediterranean Sea. We first migrated to Giza where we laid eyes on the great stone monuments. At that time the desert was not there, to any great extent. It was lush green and very inviting. We were delighted and thankful that we had endured the great tribulation of our journey from our home land to a new land of unknown possibilities.

Dreat and Rizine were the decision makers for our group. There were fifty five people besides our family who needed some guidance on what to do next. All of us were in shock from the terrible journey inland. We spent the first two weeks camping out. We had many a meeting studying our options. We were free to do anything. We wanted to take the best advantage of this opportunity. We decided, after much discussion among everyone that five of the most able, strong explorers would go to find out what it was like further inland. We knew immediately when we saw our home, still along the Nile. We had been gone for over two full moons and we were anxious to get back to our families in Giza. The journey back would not take as long for we were going straight back, rather than a circuitous route, exploring.

We made it back to our families in 18 days of hard walking from the time we woke up until the sun was below our feet.


DaWan Kanoble 4-4-85 Aswan

It took days of preparation before we were all ready for the journey to our new home. We were feeling relieved that we made a decision on the matter. We were anxious to begin work on suitable shelters for living.

When we arrived at our place of roots, we gathered wood that was on the ground and palm fronds to shelter our heads. We made huts, big enough to give ourselves some room. We watched the natives and learned much about the way they dealt with the environment, and how their shelters were made. Our building process took two years and when we had sheltered the last family in a home of their own–we had a huge celebration. During this period the women developed all the vegetation that grew in plenty. We had quite a variety of foods to eat. We prayed to the shining light above and blessed our new residences.

We continued to develop our village and since we brought as many things as we could from our original homeland of Atlantis, we were able to resume to a similar level of operation as at home. It was a joy for us. This is where I met my dear Nayeon.

Nayeon was immediately attracted to me and my family because we were quite different than anyone she had ever met. Her people did not communicate or travel on similar frequencies, but she was able to flow between frequencies in order to communicate and participate with us. She became very interested in the healing arts and was a well acclaimed healer in our community many years later. She studied with all my healing elders and was a well respected chela, then adept. We both shared motivation and desire for knowledge. Our vocations were quite compatible. She was also interested in our crystals and learned to grow these beautiful magnetic fields. She always loved hearing my stories about the three largest crystals in Atlantis that generated power for the population. She longed to see these crystals. I was always sorry she never got the opportunity. She had quite a crystal farm and people whom we found we could trust were the people we allowed to see her work. The majority of the time though was spent associating with fellow Atlantians. We were a happy village and we did not mind the isolation.
We brought many books from Atlantis that were treasures of our inner most knowledge and these were the books I studied with my elders. Some of the writing I have done so far for you is to reproduce some of the oldest material which I still remember by heart. I had every ancient book just about memorized. These copies have long been gone, my dear. This is why I come to you to reproduce some of the lost material so that we can unveil the truth about Atlantis and disrobe some of the mysteries.

I also write some of the ancient writing which I developed in my life in the new land. This is a conglomeration of the ancient writing from Atlantis as well as what I learned later. Many interpretations can be made. It is difficult to translate this into English words. It just can not be done to a satisfactory degree. You can get the gist of the message in a general way, but it is nearly impossible to translate it verbatim. There are those among you, as well as yourself, my dear, who have the ability to translate these ideas. That is why I give you the writing to publish. Many who read the book will have realizations about what the ancient writing means.

We were in the new land approximately ten years when my mother received the message concerning the earth rolling over on her side. She called us all together and pronounced that we had five years to prepare for our survival. She told me we would make the journey back to the pyramids at a later time. I knew this was the message we had come to hear. None of us argued about the proclamation. We were finally receiving direction again; guidance from the heavens, our guides from afar had come to alert us to the workings of Mother Nature for our survival and evolution here.

We grew grain and stored it in containers. We pickled many of our vegetables and dried many of our foods. We made a few trips to the pyramids to transport goods for storage. We did not know how long we would be inside. We wanted to be safe in having enough food for our survival, not like the evacuation from Atlantis. We stored water in containers with crystals. We believed our crystals would purify the water and render it satisfactory for a long shelf life. As it happened, we made five different trips back to the pyramids before we made our final trip to stay. We were told we would be directed to go there at the appropriate time. We had much faith and were not afraid.

In the fifth year after my mother’s statement we were directed to go to the pyramids for the final time. It was four full moons into the new year and seventeen suns gone by. We had been waiting so long for this time to come. The excitement of the unknown gave us jittery bellies and the hairs on our arms stood on end. We knew our faith was being tested as it had never been tested before. Our survival was at stake.

We made our way to the pyramids and every so often along the way we met up with a native who wanted to join our group. We discussed each instance of an outsider wanting admission to our group and would make a decision. Some were accepted. Some were rejected. We gathered about 135 followers and they proved to be extremely fine, hard working individuals. We needed more labor force and these natives worked out rather well. We did not explain our motives for migrating to the pyramids until we were inside for a time, figuring out whether they were going to work out or not. We ended up keeping everyone who made the journey with us. It was seven moons and thirteen suns gone by when Mother Earth rolled over. We heard rumblings beneath the earth’s surface for many suns. We were in the pyramids now for almost three full moons. We fasted and bathed in pure crystal water. When Mother Earth turned over, we heard loud crashing of thunder and lightening. Sister Wind blew her fiercest roar, we heard it and were happy and relieved to have shelter from it. We felt a rumbling and tremor beneath our feet. This lasted for many hours. We got used to feeling the vibration beneath our feet. We meditated, chanted and prayed during this time. We thanked the light above for our safety and for the message from the heavens so many years ago. Our faith was rewarded.

Then the rumbling and the loud vibration was no more. There was a Great Silence I will never ever forget; I hear it now.



4-11-85 Cairo

Even though we wanted very much to go back outside, we stayed in the pyramid for one more full moon. We were directed to do so, because it was not safe for us to go out yet. Everything was settling; there was a great amount of debris in the air. We would not have been able to breathe for the amount of particulate matter. We were also directed to stay inside for protection from the bands of confused survivors on the outside, who had no idea of what had just happened, and would not understand what we were doing, had they found out. We did not want to cause trouble for ourselves, so we continued as well as we could. We were in fine shape, just feeling cooped up in close quarters.
During this last month we conducted an election. We felt we needed some sort of leader to guide us in reconstructing our lives on the outside. We listened to anyone who felt they were qualified for the position, then we took a vote. The majority of the votes were for me, so I was proclaimed the leader of our tribe. It was not a job that I was striving for considering how much work would be involved in organizing the survivors. It would take me away from my time with Nayeon and my family, but I reluctantly accepted the position. I knew I was qualified, having had some excellent training and guidance from my Father and my Uncle before embarking on our journey to survival.

We divided our tribe into several groups:
Those who would rebuild
Those who would design and build our water supply
Those who would set up gardens and food supply
Those who would care for the children while the mothers worked
Those who would teach
Those who would go exploring to figure out exactly what we were up against
Those who would educate survivors that we came across
Those who would protect us
Those who would organize the medical professionals; plus natural, herbal, crystal healers
to begin growing, gathering and making medicinals.

There were healers and counselors for the survivors. This was a terribly traumatic event in our lives and many needed some help in dealing with the psychological trauma. Some even felt guilty they survived. There was work for everyone, young, old, and every age in between.

The day we ventured outside into the “new” world we were scared and cautious about what we might find. My father Dreat was the first one out of the pyramid. We all lingered behind. We didn’t know what lurked behind the great wall until we heard a favorable exclamation. We knew that we would be alright. We fell to our knees and prayed to the heavens for our survival.

When I stepped outside I could not believe my eyes All we saw was devastation all around us. Everything was in a shambles. Everything had been leveled. But the air was calm and pure for some reason, we did not understand, but we felt GREAT. We knew the incredible amount of work that was ahead of us, but we were happy to be alive. We were thankful for the opportunity to work and endeavored to rebuild what was destroyed.

Our first task was digging graves for the bodies strewn everywhere we looked. It was quite a hard job to complete. The stench was so abominable. We had to put cloth over our noses for protection. The flies were on bodies in great numbers as well as all the little creatures that thrive on rotting flesh. We told the women and children to stay inside the pyramid until this task of burial was completed. We did not feel it was safe for them to be involved. It was the only time in my life I wished I was a female! The burial took one full moon of digging graves daily. I think we dug about three hundred in all. We had to do this in mass; it just was not possible to give each individual a separate resting place. I did a lot of grieving and crying for the dead. It was a tremendously sad situation.

Srinagar Writings
Pari Mahal, Kashmir
This is where I spent one of the best days of my life with DaWan and Master Kuthumi, writing and conversing about Kashmir.The whole place came alive when their spectacular energy arrived to do the writing and complete more of the project that the Guides had in mind.
May 25,1985
Srinagar,  Kashmir, India
Pari Mahal
by DaWan Kanoble
Transcribed by Vicki Leo Senn, our faithful adept.
Master Kuthumi visiting in this sacred place of knowledge and spiritual consciousness.

Day by day, moment by moment, we release blocks and obstructions to freedom of mind and spirit. We let go of old policies of behavior and seek to manifest the Christ consciousness. Judgment fades away. We only observe what is around us. We do not become our environment. We live here, but we are “not of here.”

We organized ourselves in groups according to each person’s best ability and skill. What needed to be decided now was where to build our new areas of residence. We knew we could settle anywhere, because the population was destroyed. There were other survivors, yes, but not a great amount. Those we came across were quite confused and shocked; their behavior was like people with what you call “shell shock.” They roamed the countryside not really knowing where to go or what to do. When we came across these people, we tried to help them any way we could. Many were hurt badly and needed medical attention and supplies, and many were starving and quite close to death. They had been caught by surprise and were not in any way prepared for what just happened to them. The ones that could communicate with us told us as much as they could about what they saw and heard. They did not understand though and we tried to explain to them as much as they could comprehend. We invited the strong survivors to settle in our community. After a period of recuperation, we found these people to be quite helpful and intelligent, a definite advantage to the community. We grew to be quite fond of each other and eventually considered them part of our family.

We lived around the pyramids for about three more full moons when my mother received guidance once again from our heavenly brothers. We would be traveling east and south from Giza back to the banks of the Nile, but further south. We were told it would be our haven of safety and regeneration. My parents never set foot beside the great pyramids again. They kept these memories in their hearts for the rest of their time on the earth plane, and many a night was spent with the grandchildren discussing this period in our lives. It was difficult to explain to my children about “the Tilt.” It was even more of a challenge to talk about Atlantis, which seemed very far away and unrelated to our present concerns.

We made the long journey to our new home, which was much later named Deir el Baharia. We built dwellings in the hillsides by carving out cave like openings with the few crude tools which we managed to salvage for ourselves; this took many moons. We gathered the earth and gathered the clay which we found. We mixed these together with water and some small stones which we had gathered. Then we patted this mixture together to form primitive chairs and tables; our very own furniture. The drying process took about twelve suns gone by. At that time, we checked them for dryness and durability. We put them in whatever dwelling was in need. We had a regular factory like assembly line going, and we were quite proud of the furniture produced there. The survivors, whom we invited into our community turned out to be fine workers in the furniture factory and we were all happy and thankful for their presence in our lives. We furnished our dwellings then we started the production of eating and cooking utensils, as well as tools. There was a great abundance of obsidian in that area, so we used this fine material in our hillside dwellings. All groups of survivors worked very hard toward the betterment of the whole tribe. If something happened to one it was felt by all.

We conducted discussions every seven suns gone by. All were invited to attend and every one who attended was afforded the opportunity to have a “vote” or a “say so” in the development of the community. If too many were opposed to an idea, then we would let that idea go and work to find a suitable replacement idea. No matter how hard we tried to be diplomatic and fair, there were always small groups here or there who were dissatisfied with this or that, wanting a change in procedure, but not willing to take the responsibility to find another alternative. We always tried to be reasonable in explaining the concept of “the Whole” and that it worked for over a majority of people here. We would have no hard feelings if they decided to leave. We did not make judgments on these people. We tried to recognize their individuality and their need to express this in ways different than we were accustomed. Those that chose to leave were sent with our best wishes and blessings for their health and happiness. We lost about thirty seven people in the first five years after the tilt. What was nice was that they always kept in contact and we were always welcome in their homes if we ever chanced to visit their new residences which were scattered in all directions from “the whole.” Our original family was fanning out and it was a joy to watch everyone building their lives.

The first five years after the tilt, we referred to as the “new building” period. Most of our time was spent in education, building, planning, exploration and development of our water supply. We discovered the pure spring water which abounded in the hillsides, and we went through a laborious process of building “holding tanks” for drinking water and baths for the cleaning of our bodies. We were guided to keep our drinking water far away from our waste removal areas. This was an important enlightenment that would maintain our continued good health.

For our waste removal we dug deep holes in the ground and covered the hole with thin stone slabs. When needed you just slid the stone aside and straddled the hole in the ground. We used water to cleanse ourselves afterward, then washed our hands diligently. This system worked well for us. After a long period of time, the waste products decomposed and went back to Mother Nature. We periodically threw stone and rock dust over the waste product. This seemed to repel the flies which came to roost and the various other creatures which were attracted to the waste.

In the sixth year after the tilt, I relinquished my duties as leader of the tribe. We all voted to institute a decision making council in which a representative from every area of expertise was chosen. These representatives worked together to construct a fundamental explanation of our principles and conducts of behavior. They strove to verbalize, in writing, our goals and aspirations for the community.

We had three goals in common:

We listen to our inner light and guidance and respect other individuals for doing so.
We share what we have with those who wish to join us and live according to our fundamental principles.

Three times in a season, each individual group would get together to discuss their progress as well as iron out difficulties in order to move on in the process of development. Once each season, representatives from all areas would meet to discuss the progress of the whole tribe and then the whole tribe would assemble to hear the statements of the representatives. This system worked well for us. We kept abreast of new developments and trends of attitudes. The representatives were readily available for consultation and communication throughout the year. It was an excellent system.

Around this period of time I opened up my practice as counselor and spiritual advisor. I received guidance from our heavenly brothers in the same way as my mother. She instructed me in the ancient art of the adepts, studies into the mysteries of life and the mysteries of the universe. It was a continuation of the studies I did as a young man in the WAYS OF OLD with my teachers and elders. At last, I was back doing what interested me the most and I was a very happy and satisfied man. Some of the messages I received from heaven concerned methods by which I could learn to heal my brothers and sisters.



I received guidance in color therapy and the frequency vibrations produced by individuals: Different colors attract certain frequencies. Through meditation with a client I was able to pick up what frequency levels the individual was vibrating to and what colors he was emanating throughout his aura. These indications brought me to an awareness of colors or frequencies lacking in the emanations, and therefore causing an imbalance in the organism. I spent long periods of time in conversation with my clients listening to what he or she thought was important to reveal to me. The verbal manifestation frequencies should be assimilated and manifested for optimum health and vibration. Bodily movements of the individual were an important indicator, as well as breathing processes manifested before me.

When I got an idea of the colors lacking and the vibrational frequencies missing within the individual, I was able to first explain my interpretation and then to immerse the individual in the colors and frequencies they needed. I had a color and vibrational therapy room set up for this purpose. It was painted white with limestone dust. There were large plates or squares of the different colors mounted behind crystal faceted balls. These were placed in front of the light coming through the windows and would be projected or reflected onto the other walls in the room. This caused a circular effect and made the individual feel very relaxed. I knew the sounds of the different colors. Depending on the individual’s needs, approximately one hour at a time was spent in the room and probably five to ten visits were needed before the individual was balanced. On the last few visits I would insert all the colors for proper balancing, not just the ones which had been lacking. I had excellent results with this technique and I had many satisfied and grateful clients. I was satisfied watching this process unfold over time. Every individual reacted differently to the therapy sessions, but all proceeded to manifest balanced color auras and frequency vibrations at the end of our work together. This study and practical usage of color and frequency vibration constituted a large part of my practice.

Releasing blocks and obstructions in the chakras was another area of interest for me. We believed in seven energy centers in the body. These centers were the connectors to cosmic light and love. When these centers remained clear and open, the individual was able to maintain his communion and association with God. When these centers got blocked from misappropriation of energy, negative thoughts and vibrations or fears, the clear channel was thwarted and the individual experienced a great lack in balance of the system, clear thinking and energy levels.

My Nayeon was well adept at growing crystals by now and I used her crystals in my individual healing sessions with my clients. Nayeon grew not only natural clear quartz, but also colored crystals. The very colors which I needed for my healing sessions were the colors she took a great deal of time and effort to develop for me. She was my connection to these wonderful healing tools of magnetism. She was well known for her little gems of color. She had what you could refer to as a library for her crystals, where individuals would come to borrow this crystal or that crystal according to their need or desire for meditation purposes. When the individual was finished using a particular crystal, he or she would return it and borrow another if they desired. The system worked well for everyone and Nayeon was a great benefit to the community for her “gardening” abilities. She was quite well attuned to each crystal vibration, so she was often a great help to me when trying to decide the appropriate therapy for a certain individual. We often stayed up late into the night discussing our current concerns and cases. This kept us in touch with each other. We were grateful for the time we spent together.

Many times a client would come to me for counseling; someone to talk to about various concerns. An objective observer was my role in these situations. Often times, I never said much of anything. Allowing the individual to speak his mind without fear of repercussion or judgment was what these people needed the most. At the end of the conversation, I would ask the individual some personal questions concerning his feelings and reactions to this or that which would give me an idea of the individual’s general state of mind. Hearing his answers gave me great insight into the inner workings and manifestation of health. Then I would instruct the individual in ways which I found to be important for balance and health. Oftentimes, realization by the individual of what he was manifesting was all that was needed for resolution of the problem.

There are some cases in point I would like to relate to give you a more specific idea of my counseling practices. Lahina, a native girl about fifteen years old came to visit me. She looked a terrible sight. She appeared not to be sleeping and I asked her if she knew why she was unable to sleep at night.  She burst out crying and I realized this as her main reason for visiting me. She told me she had the same recurring dream every night. It was a horrible nightmare about tidal waves coming to shore and destroying all the life on and close to the shore. She said in the dream, she always tried to warn her people because she “saw” the waves long before anyone could see them with their physical eyes. She said her people always discounted her prophesy and went about their daily chores.  In the dream, she was the only one that survived because she was the only one who got far enough away in time. She began to manifest guilt feelings for not being able to get through to her people. She believed this was an omen of something to come in the future. She was so distressed that she began trying to stay up all night rather than sleep. She said she couldn’t bare to “see” the dream again.

I instructed Lahina to meditate with me. I prayed to the heavenly spirit to direct our meditation in a beneficial manner, so we could understand her dream. The Great Spirit RA appeared to me and spoke to me in the old and ancient Atlantian tongue. Lahina did not understand this communication so I translated to her periodically. He told me Lahina was a sensitive. He said she manifested this ability in her dreams because she was not yet old enough to understand, accept, and therefore manifest in the physical plane. He said she was reliving a past experience in a former life. She had been present in Atlantis during the great land changes and land mass movements. Many people were killed because they did not heed her warning. He instructed me to tell her she was to let go of this guilt she built up inside. He said she tried her best to warn her people, that was her responsibility and she carried through to the best of her ability. Ra said it was a lesson that she should not be concerned with the outcome of situations. She was to continue carrying on the messages she received, but not to be attached to what the people did with the information. It was not her responsibility. Only the transmission of message was her responsibility. We can not drag others along with us. If they are not open to divine guidance, you can't force them. You can only receive the communication, the rest is up to the individual who hears the message. This seemed to make a lot of sense to little Lahina. She immediately let go of the guilt she felt within. I did a cleansing exercise with her, in which I invoked the gracious father to use me as thy instrument for releasing the blocks in her energy systems. It was a powerful healing experience for me. Lahina looked better and had a much lighter frequency vibration. She was overjoyed to understand what had been happening to her. She thanked me profusely and I had the special opportunity of watching her grow and develop into one of our most respected tribe members for her ability to receive messages from spirit. We worked together in the years that followed. She was my apprentice and I her devoted teacher. We had many wonderful experiences together conversing with our heavenly brothers from above. Only one healing session was needed to guide her in the appropriate direction for manifesting her greatest potential. She was one of my prize students and I grew to love her very much.

Others came to me with various problems. Many times it was incompatibility with family members which was a great concern, and causing disturbances in the family peace. I instructed full classrooms of people concerning frequency incompatibility. Understanding that we all manifest a certain frequency vibration was an important first point to get across. When two people have a difficult time communicating, it is often due to their differences in frequency vibration. Knowing this sometimes allowed the individual to stop, think about it and then understand that it is only incompatible frequencies clashing. This was often enough of an explanation to change their basic belief systems and continue in their newly enlightened state of mind. Those who understood this concept were much benefited by it and went home to manifest newly assimilated knowledge in their behavior. Those who were not open to this idea remained in their disturbed state of mind and went home to the same problems and concerns as before. I always regretted that these people were not open to my help and understanding nature. The ones who understood took this new belief one step further and began to realize that it is possible to realign your own frequency vibration in order to align with a family member or loved one. The ones who wanted instruction from me in this area, I gladly helped them all I could. I was amazed at the differences in their personalities once they had become aware of how to align their frequency waves. This was an enjoyable area of study and observation for me and I always took in depth notes for my further study at a later point in time. Nayeon was my very first student in this area and she always gave me much support for my works dedicated to this subject. Joint meditation was often the only means needed to align compatible frequencies; other times, group meditation with the teacher was appropriate. Being aware of the different subtleties of frequency was an important technique which I worked hard to get across to my students. ‘Awareness of subtleties’ were three words which my students knew by heart because it was a major point of understanding in raising levels of consciousness. Once the students were adept at realigning their own frequencies was when I continued their awareness into raising of consciousness. All of these concepts worked together. I was very pleased with the progress manifested by my many students.

I did not accept a student into my realm of teaching influence until I had made an in depth observation as to their present state of health and consciousness. If I considered the student open to my influence and disciplined in the ways of a studious individual, I accepted him or her as my student. There had to be a dedication manifested by these individuals. They were first accepted for a probationary period, which was approximately six full moons in length. At this time I would make an evaluation and decide if they should continue or drop out. Many times the student would drop out on his own because he realized it was hard work, hard study and it took great effort that he was not willing to put forth. I did not hold this against the individual and always welcomed them to go their way with my blessings and best wishes. They were always better people for the time spent in my influence.

By this point in time Nayeon and I had six wonderful children of our own. They were a special focus in our lives and we always worked to be the best parents according to our abilities. Nayeon was the major caretaker of the children as I had my studies and practice to contend with. I always took two suns per seven suns gone by, to devote to the attention of my children. This gave Nayeon a chance to have time to continue her studies in the different areas which interested her. She was grateful for the time spent away from the home to devote to her studies, meditations and projects.

In these years, we made a decision among the community as a whole. We decided to become involved more in-depth with the native Egyptians which were living in our presence. We made ourselves available for communication and discussion. The natives who were attracted to our energy frequencies could not speak our language, so we made an effort to learn theirs in order to enlarge our understanding of their ways of life. One of my best friends, who came over on the ship from Atlantis took a special interest in the Egyptian language and writing symbols. Her name was Aesthion, and she became a well respected authority on the language and symbols. She was always present to translate when we made an attempt to make new friends. She also studied the culture of these natives and the food they prepared. She took a special liking to one of these natives, whose name was Dantellion, and eventually married him. She moved to his area of residence and became a devoted friend and support to his many family members. Only those closest to her knew of her birth place or of her historical travels across the oceans of the earth. Her husband Dantellion became a devoted student of mine. He was such a sponge for new information and he gobbled up all that I was able to present to him. He made Aesthion a very compatible mate. They had a long and interesting life together. They were the first “mixed” couple in the new land, and we all tried our best to welcome him and support him in his attempt to join our “family."

We learned much from our association with the Egyptians and always treasured this information because it made our lives much greater. We grew to be friends with many and as the years went by, our tribes mingled in relationships and marriages. After many generations had passed, we began to consider ourselves Egyptians, and only the “oldest” of the survivors remained aware of our beginnings in the new land. These legends, or what they became known as, were the stories I wrote down in the ancient language and kept in secret places for historical reference. I did this project when I was an old, old man, because I did not want our history to be interpreted in the same way as the ancient Egyptians were understood. It was very important to me, and my people, that we be understood apart from the original Egyptian natives. This is the writing I do for you now, my dear. We must preserve our history for future generations to understand and incorporate in their lives. Even if the writing is not understood fully now, you will have it and preserve it until a point in time when the great realization comes to minds all over the planet.

When I was an old man of approximately eighty years in age, I was invited back to the Pyramids for meditation and instruction into the further mysteries of the universe. This is where I met your friend Mycol. He was a younger man than me at that time. A pharaoh, much liked, loved and appreciated by his people. We spent a great deal of time praying and meditating together in the Great Meditation Chamber and we grew to have a great love for one another. I was invited to his place of residence and I spent much time conversing with him and helping him in the daily running of his community. He used to call me his “Chief Advisor.” We worked quite well together. I made periodic trips back to see him.

After my dear Nayeon passed onward, I spent the remainder of my years in silence and meditation. I communicated with spirit and even grew to have a connection with my dear Nayeon. I was in preparation for my own release from the earth plane. Many of the people from my tribe came to sit with me and keep me company. My children came back to their original root place and took up residence near me in order to spend the remainder of my time with me. I was quite old and needed the help of my children, so it was a great pleasure to have their assistance. These were very enjoyable years for me, as I was surrounded by my loved ones and friends alike. I was often asked about my different philosophies on life and when I chose to speak on these subjects, my dictation was recorded by those listening. It gave me great pleasure to speak to these audiences, because the respect and good feelings from these people was quite evident. I knew I was continuing to have a positive influence on their lives and their development. I was a well respected elder of the tribe and my dear friend Mycol came to my side to comfort me and assist me in my transition to the other side. He  received a message to come to me and was quite pleased with himself that he made it in time. We had three suns gone by together before I released myself onward to new horizons of manifestation and development. Our love is eternal.

This is my story I have come to relate. I hope it will be of benefit to those of you who have the ears to hear. As history repeats itself, you on the earth plane are headed toward a new age of enlightenment and development. Mother Earth is preparing for a new change of position and those who understand my message, will benefit and survive, and move into the new age with health of body, mind and spirit. This is the beginning of a whole new awareness.

May the joy, love and kindness that I feel be yours always,
DaWan Kanoble

the Unsilent Majority
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