Srinagar, Kashmir, India-September, 1985

Hands Covering Hips
Stimulation of Kidneys, Back and Spine
Place hands, palms facing body, on back over kidneys. Visualize light entering through this area. Works well for ovaries. There are as many interpretations of these healing hands of art as there are people who gaze at them. Your interpretation is what counts. No one is wrong, everyone is right.
For Back and Spine-Place hands one above the other at the lower spine. Feel the energy entering and energizing the system.
Rejuvenating Energy. Place this formation over any area of the back and spine you can reach.
Variation-Bring light in through your crown chakra. Watch it as it goes through your arms into your hands and enters the body through this hand formation. You will see it with your third eye. Keep at it.
Do these exercises every day, even if you only have a few moments to fortify your inner self for all the duties and responsibilities you are required to perform. Give attention to your mind, which is the foundation of your being, the center of all that you are and all that you can be one day. Your mind craves high quality nutrition, plus exercise in the form of using your mind to investigate and research the world around you to become knowledgeable and articulate. Spiritual Revolution requires our health and the utilization of our bodies and higher mind to manifest our societal destiny of peace and prosperity.
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