Srinagar, Kashmir, India-September, 1985

Thumb and Index Fingers
by Abby-inspired to work with me at age 5
Our body is a shining aura of energy that is filled with healing power and grace. This emanation is imbibed with the power of unlimited source of all life and possesses the natural ability to penetrate our skeleton. Auras are fortified spiritual healing power from our invisible third eye; the key to understanding our true nature and purpose for being. Become aware of the universal information highway, an ethereal destination where all knowledge can be accessed and utilized by consciousness. Anyone with a conscience can go there.

is for YOU!
Direct your mind to take you there.
It shall be so.

crystals drawn by R.L.

Concentrate on this visual. Every person will get their own understanding and meaning. Reason with your mind, feel with your heart, trust your intuition when it communicates with you. Ancestral memories spark the knowingness of a world where love, truth, knowledge, respect and protection for the healing power of mother nature reigns over the earth; this is the natural law of humanity.  All colors of skin are one in importance and power. Spiritual consciousness of the unseen world is our ancestry and our heritage. We all come from creative mastery. We all have power to illuminate the darkness of misunderstanding.
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