July 17, 2017- Master Kuthumi, Athens, Ohio

This is my addition to the project I started in September of 1985 in the beautifully spiritual, but war torn community of Srinagar, Kashmir, India. I am still at home here in my light body, and reminded how quickly the time flies, but in my heart energy and mind frequency we are always one, in mind and spirit, there is no time separation. When my faithful one surprised us in May of that year, she was a young, innocent beyond belief, chela, having contacted me through telepathy from America, ebullient with great passion and devotion to engage me in transforming her natural born talent into abilities useful for our planet. She sounded like a dream come true. Having no physical bodies, we needed intermediary assistance to communicate with you, we needed someone who converts frequencies to words, someone passionate enough to go forward over thirty years no matter what was in the way of our success. She was naturally masterful, only needing to learn the specific technique to become conversant in universal vibrations, allowing our simpatico frequencies to metamorphose my words to paper. She transcribes our dictation seemingly without effort.

Our planet needs a reboot; a raising of consciousness. Any of you who understand what I say will begin to notice encouraging signs that we are amassing millions of souls who fervently desire to change the course of this planet. Feel the power of all our minds together. WE THE PEOPLE shall heal the earth by ending war. Humanity is ours to save. Your mind's focus and stated intention is needed to raise frequency waves from fear and war to love, peace and prosperity. Fear is a mind altering parasite that manifests like a cancer, created and perpetuated by those who wish to enslave us. Break your prison chains by raising your frequency of operation and developing your abilities, as God intended. You are endowed with strength and fortitude to succeed.

Evolve your understanding and deep knowing that you are meant to be here at this time. You are empowered with a special purpose in the healing of our planet with the rest of us. Discover your purpose and reason for being; begin your journey to mastery. You are naturally able to reach us, desire it so with passionate intent. You need nothing but your mind to travel the distance between us. We are awaiting your arrival with great anticipation.

Consciousness is one of the last frontiers corrupt governments desire to control, restrict and manipulate in the name of keeping themselves safe and secure. We are experiencing end times, not end of the world times, but end of times before a massive reawakening of consciousness spreads love and freedom over the planet with huge beneficial changes for our world society; not one-world society mind you, but world society as in we are all free to love and cooperate with each other.
Breathe a deep sigh of relief. Feel the forces gathering as we speak. Do you feel goose bumps on your skin? This is your energy rising to a higher vibration. This consciousness of truth is spontaneously created from the enlightenment of beings all over earth. Your Guides, Ancestors and spiritually adept Ancient Ones wish to converse with you. Your expertise is essential to our success in manifesting world peace. We are a spiritual force. Our goals and means are peaceful, loving, intelligent and kind, as in the best kind bud ever grown by all of U.S. The Green Herb is meant to be free to heal ourselves and the planet.

I am using my faithful adept's hands for typing and communication today. After all these years there is no down time getting used to each other again while we put my words to paper. We are like one entity, our task is dependent upon all of u.s. melding as one in mind and spirit to turn the course of our country and our planet by abolishing the worldwide drug war system.

Gather hands, dear ones, as we all commingle in the ethereal world together via the universal information highway. If you are ready to learn and practice your skills; expand your creativity and power, we will reveal how you can proceed. There are many ways to reach you; be open to our messages in nature. Listen to and follow your intuition. Believe in the power of God's love to heal the earth. It shall be so.

is for everyone.

Color Therapy in Nature


Srinagar, Kashmir, India-August-September, 1985

Stimulates the Circulatory System

Lay your hands flat on your legs in front of you in this formation. Concentrate on the point where the thumbs meet. Visualize colored light coming in through this entry point and from there moving through the whole system. Also visualize the light bathing the hands and entering the system through the pores in the skin. This exercise helps to break up blockages; physical as well as thinking blockages that inhibit happiness and satisfaction. Works to dissolve inflexibility. Works to balance the system by maintaining free flow of energy.


Communication with Heavenly Brothers (edited for readability)
Make a point to go out at night. Look up into the sky. Reach your hands up to make this formation with fingers fanned out comfortably. Meditate on the fanned out section of the sky. State your intention to open your consciousness to communication with our heavenly brothers. Meditate on these symbols. Information will come to you. Absorb this fine energy; assimilate it into your system. Open your third eye. This exercise works to raise frequency levels. Awareness of the unseen world is at hand.
Abolish the Drug War
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