Quiet and clear your mind of any obstruction to concentration. Close your eyes, meditate, listen to the silence to feel your connection to the natural world and all the beings who reside with you in this reality.

Your heart is what inspires your mind to realize who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do in this life at this time. Direct your mind to heal any discord or uncertainty in thinking relating to your ability to succeed. Your heart speaks the truth to you, but maybe you ignore what it tells you, or what it tells you to do. Engage your mind to take appropriate action when you reason what your heart is saying or what your intuition demands of you. Free your spirit to soar through the universe of knowledge and understanding. Gather the resources you need to further your purpose. This is how you grow and build the life you desire. Feel the flame of burning desire in your heart, mind and soul to carry you through the spiritual threshold to physical reality. The mind of God resides within you. Love for yourself is the fuel that sparks and powers creativity and manifestation of your life goals. You have to admit that you matter in order to begin.

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