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Have you heard the story of Jesus in Kashmir? The Jesus in Kashmir secret information makes sense and fills in gaps in Jesus' life. Find out why millions of people in this part of the world have a different understanding of Jesus.

Rozabal Shrine-Kashmir
Rozabal by Cacahuate - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
This is a picture of the tomb that Kaiser-Faber speaks about in the book below.
Theory, information and documentation connect pieces of the puzzle to this fascinating mystery.
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Sahibzada Basharat Saleem
This is Basharat Saleem, the late Kashmiri caretaker of the
Martyr's Tomb of Yuz Asaf in Srinagar.[11]
He said he is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ,
who walked to Kashmir to live, marry and have children after the Crucifixion.
Study the evidence, you might find it hard to dispute.

I want to tell you about my travels to Kashmir, and India, including meeting Sahibzada Basharat Saleem, my dear brother in spiritual consciousness. At our first meeting in Srinagar, Kashmir, 1985, he delightedly told me there were angels sitting on my shoulder. They said he could trust me. That is the moment he invited me into his life and secrets about Jesus. I will tell you about this blessed once in a life time experience soon.

This is only the beginning of my Emporium, check back for more products from treasured affiliates and my own books soon.

Click Here for more Jesus in Kashmir videos
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