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Cannabis Maze in La Roche Jagu, France (on the left) budding flower (on the right)

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Hemp has been illegal in the US for the past 80 years

“It’s hard to express what a terrible loss that is – We used to have the best hemp germplasm in the world.” 

– David West, renowned hemp researcher

Wouldn't it be wonderful to grow a cannabis forest on our own property to take care of our needs? The Drug War is all about law enforcement encroaching on our privacy and rights as citizens. It is wrong for our government to make personal life choices for U.S. It is no one's business if we want to use the Green Herb for fuel, food, fiber, books, paper, clothing, life-saving medicine and tens of thousands of other products to do business, get healthy and prosper. It is our right! We really could make America great again, in ways that actually matter to the people, expanding our resources exponentially. Here in Athens County, Ohio, we have a huge population of poor people who could employ themselves as hemp and marijuana entrepreneurs. We need our courts freed up so judges have the time to concentrate on violent criminals, not incarcerating people bent on exercising their right to freedom of choice, lifestyle and financial prosperity. We actually have cold murder cases in our little neck of the woods. Is that because our law enforcement officers are forced to focus on marijuana and drug "criminals?" The real drug criminals are the pharmaceutical companies who kill hundreds of thousands of people every year with deadly chemicals. Marijane does not even have one murder under her belt, even though our government demonized her all these years. Turns out she is magnificent and that is their problem with her.

Nothing is as it should be in this corrupt reich that has become U.S. All the unfortunate individuals who have jobs that make them complicit with the Drug War Against U.S. share guilt in the failed system that does not provide an honest government in return for our tax dollars. Abolishing this weight around our necks will usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity for U.S.

Marijuana is a plant that anyone can grow and utilize to be prosperous, healthy and wealthy. Regulations are not needed. There is no harm. No one can pin even one death on marijane. Quit destroying U.S. with the Corruption of U.S. All the way down to the local level in every community in America our government is greedy and dependent on the booty involved in prohibition against a plant that could solve environmental, health, industrial, and economic obstacles to U.S. Our government that forbids health, happiness and prosperity using what mother nature has to offer is a saboteur against U.S.

I designed a t-shirt in 1990, for Hemp Tour which stated simply, "God Doesn't Make Mistakes. End Hemp Prohibition." The Drug War is a hideously obscene violation of our rights, our privacy and our freedom. Stop your complicity with The Drug War System of Destruction. Speak up against it. Vote out all politicians not intent on abolishing the Drug war against U.S.

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Green Hemp Economy and Hemp Technology in India Mr. Sumit Shah - World Hemp Congress 2015

Published on Dec 2, 2015
Green Hemp Economy and Hemp Technology in India Mr. Sumit Shah - World Hemp Congress 2015 More Info: http://www.boheco.org http://www.world-hemp-congress.com Medienprojekt PSI-TV: http://www.psi-tv.de/

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Rohit Sharma


Hemp Fibre India
Published on Oct 28, 2016
Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA)

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Hemp Weaving in Lung Tam - Ha Giang, Vietnam
Meking Quilts
Published on Aug 22, 2016 After the hemp harvest, it takes 21 manual steps to finish a piece of traditional fabric. This video captures only a few steps of the H'Mong textile production process during our trip to visit the Hợp Tiến co-op.
Category People & Blogs
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Hemp In Vietnam
Hemp weaving, dyeing and polishing, Sa Pa, Lào Cai Province, NW Vietnam

Eric Hemp seed Published Mar 10, 2015
Hemp fabric is a necessary part of Hmong clothing. For Hmong women in Sapa District, growing and preparing hemp and then weaving it into cloth is an annual activity. Hmong hemp weaving preparation at Ta Phin village hands-on workshop, dyeing, polishing, batiking and Shu Tan, founder of Sapa O'Chau, tour guide and social entrepreneur.
Category People & Blogs
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