My son and best friend invited me to a crazy party in Athens, Ohio; 2008
They are in the back row acting like they don't know me.

I was having a moment with the lead singer of this band. ha ha He had me at the first scream that I didn't understand. By the photo, you would think this amazing person is singing to me, but no, he is screaming at the top of his lungs capacity directly at me. Somehow he did it with style and grace, barely moving, just the blast of his voice was hitting my consciousness. I never experienced anything like this before. I felt renewed like I had been through a terrible ordeal and somehow survived. We connected. We were one for a few moments in time. I wanted to give him the best hug ever! He felt it.

BTW is that redness from new tattoos? Sun burn? Ouch!
I hope you guys are still in a band effecting consciousness wherever you go.

I got an education when I went around to a dozen or so young partiers to ask if they knew what the singer was singing. Every one of them said no and didn't care to discuss it. I was flabbergasted. I couldn't understand why a band would have a singer that you couldn't understand. He was screaming, but not with words, just sound. I was intrigued to understand this strange type of music.

One of my much younger collegiate buddies took me under his wing. I fit perfectly under his left arm. I held on to him with my right arm behind his back as he explained that you get the message by listening to his screaming, you can understand if you notice how damn upset he is about the world we live in. I was beginning to open my mind to this information. My interest spiked. He asked me how would I feel if I was a young college student who knew by the very act of going to college he was going to face a debt he could never repay and live a poor life because of the enormous expense of going to college to supposedly get a great paying job, which is a misnomer for most college graduates. Wow, I was impressed that he could come up with such a long sentence at this time of night and with that many beers in him. He had no trouble concentrating on the subject. He then stared in my eyes and said very forcefully, "How would you like it if you knew that the odds of ever getting out of debt enough to have a nice place, a wife and children that could have all their needs met meant you would have your head to the grindstone for the rest of your foreseeable future and never see the light of day?" He didn't wait for my answer, I guessed it was a rhetorical question as he continued. He was fired up, saying, "That is just one idea on why this guy feels like screaming his emotions, there are fifty or more other things about this whole fucked up world that I could name but don't care to get that depressed right now." He took a swig of beer, smiled sadly at me, gave me a hug as we disengaged and walked away. My heart was broken. I could hardly breathe. I knew he was speaking the truth and I was crushed to realize the importance of this truth. This lead singer screaming right to me gave me a whole new understanding of what the youngest college generation is facing, and no wonder he was screaming at me. I am from one of the generations he holds responsible for these atrocities. As my dear friend later told me, "He has a lot to scream about and nothing is changing for the better." That is up to U.S. to resolve crimes committed against U.S. by U.S.

Nobody should have to spend the rest of their life paying off college debt. The interest rate on the loans is usury. The fee for higher learning is usury. It's time to fix it citizens! This is all our children and before we know it, our grandchildren that we are talking about. The few graduates that do get great jobs and have no trouble paying off their loans and having a life like your parents had with enough money to raise a family is few and far between. I know debt strangled former graduates and it is heartbreaking every time one of them opens up and tells me the truth about their life, living as a debtor without relief. Until we change our consciousness and start changing the status quo, this will continue to wreck what could possibly be the greatest generation. Who knows what they could do without the debt around their neck like a noose? Older people wonder why so many young people are depressed. If you are awake and aware, you already know this is a crime against the people. Going to college should not turn citizens into slaves on food stamps. No one can live on minimum wage, who still questions that? I worked my ass off my whole life but never had a great paying job, even when I worked for myself, and am back to being destitute like all the young college kids that I know who aren't getting money from parents to go to college.

My destitution started on December 10, 1987 when 25 cops or more invaded our home business for importing handicraft pipes from India. The immoral, unethical and unconstitutional Drug War is another way our government turns us into slaves. Stay tuned, I am just beginning to state my case against one of the greatest travesties ever committed against mankind, nature and the earth.

Truth is like a light bulb igniting the darkness.

Be open to unusual experiences and opportunities meant to raise your consciousness.

Our consciousness moves on when our bodies can't take life anymore. Consciousness is what we connect to when we communicate with our dearly departed and our ancestors who have gone before us and will come again to us. Consciousness is all there is when our time on earth runs out, but life never dies, only our mortal body. Our consciousness is eternal. Our consciousness is one with our creator.
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