Skeletonwitch 2008

My son and our best friend invited me to a crazy party in Athens, Ohio, 2008.
They are in the back row acting like they don't know me, not visible in this photo.
( I am 55 in this photo.)

I lived in an Ohio University student neighborhood, so I was used to living around students. It wasn't unheard of to attend a party once in a while. I think I averaged about 3-4 times per year to their almost every night of the week. They were kind and treated me like a real person that you could converse with, even have fun with, not just an old person to feel weird around, ignore, or act mean like I didn't belong there. That part was true, I knew I didn't belong there, but I was unable to resolve that conundrum. Since I was completely out of place anyway, I figured I might as well enjoy this once in a lifetime period, rather than be heartbroken all the time about being stuck somewhere you don't belong. Circumstances are a bitch sometimes.

I was having a moment with the lead singer of this band, haha, I think it is Skeletonwitch. Please let me know if I am wrong. The lead singer had me at the first scream that I didn't understand. By the photo, you would think this amazing person is singing to me, but no, he is screaming at the top of his lung's capacity directly at me. Somehow he did it with style and grace, barely moving, just the blast of his voice was slamming my consciousness. The music was super intense, I never experienced anything like it before. I felt renewed like I had been through a terrible ordeal and somehow survived, which is coincidentally why I was displaced in this very strange predicament, to begin with. Age be damned, we connected. We were one for a few moments in time. I wanted to give him the best hug ever! He felt it.

Photo taken at a House Party 2008. 169 North Lancaster Street, Athens, Ohio - Home of the Ohio University Bobcats!
Love you guys! Thanks for being so kind, except for the chick directly behind me. She was a horrid, mean, scary drunk.


I got an education that night when I wandered around to a dozen or so young partiers to ask if they knew what the singer was singing. Every one of them said no and didn't care to discuss it. I was flabbergasted. I couldn't understand why a band would have a singer that you couldn't understand. He was screaming, but not with words, with sound, very exciting and interesting sounds. I was intrigued to understand this strange type of music. It pulled all of us together. We experienced it as one entity.

One of my much younger college buddies took me under his wing. I fit perfectly under his left arm. He was wobbly so I held on to him with my right arm behind his back and stood straight and tall so he could lean on me as he explained that you get the message by listening to his screaming, you can understand the emotion, if you notice how damn upset he is about the world we live in. I was beginning to open my mind to this information. My interest spiked. He said, "Listen to the raw emotion."

"How would you feel if you were a young college student who knew by the very act of going to college you were going to face a debt you could never repay and live a poor life because of the enormous expense of going to college to supposedly get a great paying job, which is a misnomer for most college graduates." Wow, I was impressed that he could come up with such a long sentence at this time of night and with that many beers in him. He had no trouble concentrating on the subject. I could see he felt deeply about it. He then stared in my eyes and said very forcefully, "How would you like it if you knew that the odds of ever getting out of debt enough to have a nice place, a husband and children that could have all their needs met meant you two would have your heads to the grindstone for the rest of your foreseeable future and never see the light of day to have a life that isn't all work?" He didn't wait for my answer, I guessed it was a rhetorical question. He was fired up, "That is just one idea on why this guy feels like screaming his emotions, there are fifty or more other things about this whole fucked up world that I could name, but I don't care to get that depressed right now." He took a swig of beer, smiled sadly at me, gave me a hug as we disengaged, and walked away. My heart was broken. I knew he was speaking the truth, and I was crushed to realize the importance of this truth to so many kids in the room. The lead singer screaming right to me gave me a whole new understanding of what the youngest college generation is facing, and no wonder he was screaming at me. I am from one of the generations he probably holds responsible for these atrocities. As my dear friend later told me, "We all have a lot to scream about and nothing is changing for the better." That is up to U.S. to resolve crimes committed against U.S. by U.S. Going to college should not turn us into slaves on food stamps. No one can live on minimum wage or measly social security, I can certainly vouch for that. There isn't much to look forward to.

Conspiracy Theorist
Truth is like a light bulb igniting the darkness.

Be open to unusual experiences and opportunities
meant to raise your consciousness,
like the seemingly ridiculousness
of me showing up at a college party,
invited, welcomed and treasured for being there.
I learned a lot that night, from the band and from the kids.
They treated me like I was one of them.
It was a wonderful experience.

From the School of Life Website
What separates the conspiracy theorist from the intelligent skeptic is not the possession of some odd-sounding hypotheses; it’s what they then go on to do with these hypotheses. Here are some of the key differences:

– Evidence

Intelligent skeptics know that hypotheses cannot be sustained indefinitely without evidence. They can be trialled for a time,  but eventually have to be positively backed up by concrete proof or else graciously and uncomplainingly abandoned.

– The Burden of Proof

Intelligent skeptics know that the burden of proving a hypothesis must invariably fall on them, as the challengers to the status quo, and not on the upholders of the established ideology. They accept that it is their duty to show that ghosts really do exist; and not the responsibility of everyone else to prove that they don’t.

– The Courage to Abandon a Hypothesis

Upholding quarrelsome hypotheses delivers some hugely redemptive emotional pleasures. One often feels empowered and superior to all those who still blindly trust in the status quo. They, the idiots, may well think the rocket went to the moon; we know the whole thing was filmed in a downtown studio. Our job may not be so significant nor our house very grand, but we – unlike the stuck-up professors – know what really happened to the Fuhrer after the war.

Intelligent skeptics certainly know how nice it would be if they were proved right; but they can bear the humiliation of turning out to be miserably wrong. It would of course be deeply emotionally convenient if they really were to discover the secrets of cheap nuclear fission, if the elderly, rich man was in truth a sexual predator or if climate change did turn out to be a hoax. But they are also wise enough never to let their wishes overpower the more stubborn and unyielding claims of reality.

– Basic Trust

The conspiracy theorist sees skulduggery everywhere; their default position is that everyone must be a liar and that simply everything is a cover up. Their fear of being taken for a dupe is so great, there can be no glimmer of trust. For their part, the intelligent skeptic proceeds through the world with an attitude of basic credence and initial benevolence. They dare to take things at face value, confident in their power to alter their views – perhaps quite quickly – in a much darker direction were the facts to demand it. They are internally strong enough to take a chance to believe in the goodness and truthfulness of strangers.

Conspiracy theory is never really a problem of intelligence. It’s an emotional wound that overpowers the higher faculties of the mind – and is therefore best treated not with a barrage of countervailing facts, but with reassurance, kindness and love, for it’s here that the problem invariably began.


12 Conspiracy Theories that turned out to be true.

7 bizarre conspiracy theories that are actually true.

List of Conspiracy Theories

The Dark Alliance: Did the US government and drug lords kill Gary Webb?

Water Garden with Lotus Blossom
Our consciousness continues after our bodies die. Consciousness is what we connect with when we communicate with our dearly departed ancestors who have gone before us and will come again to us. Life never dies, only our mortal bodies.

Bob Marley Quote

Bob Marley - The Legend Live @ Santa Barbara County Bowl 1979 full

Published on Jul 26, 2017
Bob Marley & the Wailers, in his last recorded show,
at Santa Barbara County Bowl, on November 25th, 1979.
Thank you Bob for giving us positive vibes!
One ❤️ I don't own this video, all credit goes to Merlin Union Square Music

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