The more you discover, the more you realize how little you know and how much more you have to learn. You must keep on gaining mastery, no matter what your age or circumstance. Rigid minds are not open to truth, they begin to collect plaque like clogged arteries that choke the life out of you. Keep an open mind to remain young and healthy in your heart. Listen to younger people around you who are learning new information and knowledge that you may not know. Learn something new from them, then teach them something, too. Young people need your particular expertise just as you need theirs. Be generous with the time you give those you love to build positive memories. Concentrate on the conversations you are having without thinking about what you are going to do next, answering, or looking at your phone, or wondering what you have to make for dinner. Be present. Your loved ones are worth your attention, whatever time you have with them. You'll get to know them on a deeper level as a person. Make the best of every situation, you never know what is in store for you, or them. Keep your mind open to differences in ideology, accept that you may not agree, but opinion is meaningless when faced with facts and truth. Learn something new rather than waste time arguing opinion to facts and truth. Accept that other people may know more than you. Opinions can be argued all night long but facts and documented truth trump opinions every time.

Mean, nasty, dangerous, abusive people are in a league of their own. If they are the reason you are in a no contact relationship with a loved one, well, you have a right to be free. There is no good that can come from these sorts of personality disordered people who will never change, don't want to change, are clueless and don't believe for a minute that they need to change. Game Over. That is a situation where your own health dictates your necessity to be free. Never take false blame when they sling it at you. Just because someone blames you does not make it true unless you did it. Repetition of the same guilt ridden lie does not make it true except in a liar's mind. These personalities are masters at being exactly opposite of what they portray. If someone is always blaming you for stuff you didn't do, consider they are the guilty party, then go from there. Leave them.


Live as long as you are alive. Push yourself to enjoy what you love to do whether anyone joins you or not. Go outside in nature. Be alone. Get to know yourself. Find something to get excited about, remember positive experiences in your life, learn a new hobby. Appreciate your inner self, that is where your power is. Live like you love your life and it will become so. Smile throughout your day. Just smile, you can't help but be in a better mood. Your breathing relaxes, you feel noticeably better. You are the center of your world, the mastermind of your reality, don't waste your power being upset about things you have no control over. You came here at this time for a reason, what is it? What will you accomplish? What do you know that we all need to know? Tell the world. Show the world. Young, old and everything in between, all ages are priceless in importance to us.

We are all spiritual beings. Our lives are lived in spirit before, and after we manifest on earth in a physical body with a mind and a soul. Our spirit is not a counterpart, but a celestial component of our soul. Our essence is that deepest power inside that keeps us alive when everything else seems to fail. Intuition is how our higher selves speak to us. Trust this inner knowing and begin to comply one step at a time to carry forward on a plan you already know inside if you follow your inner knowing. No one can do it for you. Prove to yourself that you can do it. Break through your own obstacles or barriers to happiness. It's all in your mind. Your mind can heal. Give yourself credit for the amazing person you are right now. Rise from whatever dark place you worry about, you are the only one who can. Stand tall, look at yourself. Your life matters, do something with it. Be your true self. All it takes is a new pattern of behavior, it's easier than you think. Reprogramming your brain is like following a schedule in the beginning, but soon it takes hold because you see positive changes happening that flow into a habit, one that frees your higher consciousness to excel as God intended when you were born.

John Atkinson Grimshaw's 1897 painting “Spirit of the Night”. (Photo: Public Domain/WikiCommons)
Light workers sprinkle love and understanding over the earth as healing energetic medicine; invisible trans formative power that we can all absorb from the aether. If you are not familiar with this form of energy Wikipedia says aether is "a space-filling substance or field, thought to be necessary as a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces." Aether is the energy clairvoyants use to transfer and exchange information between the physical and unseen worlds, or other dimensions.
Your thinking is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your SELF. How you think about things changes your life in an instant; in a great way, or not. Open yourself up to what you don't understand. Grow your mind so your life can soar to a new level of awareness, consciousness and understanding. We are all meant for greatness as we came from the same universal creative force. We have to heal ourselves before we can change the world. We have to direct our minds to unleash our transformation.
public domain lotus
Go outside. Experience nature.
Learn from nature. Think about nature.
Observe nature. Care about nature.
Work to save nature. Our survival depends on it.
The way you think about your self is the foundation of what you can be in your life, what you will achieve, so you have to get to the root of your thinking patterns, the ones that got established when you were a wee one, not even noticing or understanding the effects back then, until later in life, in adulthood when you realize your brain is your very own saboteur, you need not blame others. Your thinking is at the root of all things "off" in your life, or praise be, what is working well in your life. You can create a life you actually desire for yourself. Prepare for pleasant surprises as you develop a more positive life pattern. One little step begins a powerfully positive journey to manifest your true self. When you finally reconcile this truth, you will act on it.

Be still. Breathe peacefully. Stare at your face in a mirror. Look at the beauty and light in your eyes and in your aura, all around you. Notice the still quiet energy that is God's divine and loving frequency permeating your space and silence. Open your heart, mind, body, spirit and soul to this frequency of love. Knowing this is the first step to healing. This truth spurs creative activity in your brain, it develops your spirit, it soothes your soul, it moves you to open to your highest potential.
You are the commander-and-chief of you. Make yourself great. No one can do it for you, or to you. No one can stop you. You absolutely can succeed in finding your higher self in the process. You can be your best self. I am giving you a hug right now with a big smile. Good for you! I can tell you are growing in awareness. You are here for a reason. It's time to focus on your destiny. We have a right to peace and prosperity over war. War is not an institution that should be valued and given the highest priority of funds, resources and our children's lives. Ending war will usher in a new era of peace, freedom, and prosperity.
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Hotel Amber Residence, Phuket

Hotel Amber Residence, Phuket

The hotel is situated just 100 metres away from the world-famous Patong Beach. It is surrounded by many restaurants, supermarkets and shopping centres. The nearest bus station is about 10 minutes' drive from the hotel and Phuket International Airport is approximately 35 km away. The residence offers a small luxury design hotel in a cozy, Thai style, combined with international facilities. There are 15 guest rooms and guests are welcomed in the lobby with a 24-hour reception service and the front desk is also available for assistance with tours or car rental. Facilities at the hotel include a cloakroom, newspaper stand, hotel safe and a hairdressing salon. Guests can wine and dine at the bar and restaurant. The beach hotel offers a daily same-day laundry service with pick up in the morning and delivery in the evening (fees apply). Those arriving by car may leave their vehicles in the hotel's car park. All rooms offer a king-size bed and come with individually controlled air conditioning, a shower and an en suite bathroom with a bath. Further in-room amenities include a mini bar, microwave and fridge in the kitchenette, a flat-screen TV with cable, hairdryer, balcony, safe deposit box, international direct dial telephone and Internet access. Guests can pamper themselves with a massage (fees apply) or a spa treatment during their stay. Leisure options on offer include diving, canoing, bowling and horse riding (additional fees apply to all). The nearby beach is sandy. The hotel serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a variety of choices of snacks, Thai food, seafood and some Western cuisine with many drink selections also available. From Phuket International Airport, guests should head straight along Thepkasattri Road for 30 km, turn right at Tainan Junction onto Vichitsongkram Road and continue for about 8 km, then take Phra Baramee Road for 6 km. Then they should turn left at the curve. The residence is on the left-hand side.

Terceira Island, Express Package

Terceira Island, Express Package
Don't miss this unique opportunity to visit the Azores. This package include Air + Hotel + Breakfast + Transfers.

São Miguel Island - Express Package

São Miguel Island - Express Package
Vacation package to São Miguel Island - Azores, with flights, hotel, transfers and optional activities.

São Miguel Island, Southshore

São Miguel Island, Southshore
Dive into the Azores blue waters and enjoy a relaxed summer vacations. This deal includes air + hotel and optional activities.

Madeira and The Azores - Multi-destination

Madeira and The Azores - Multi-destination

Get the chance to know the two beautiful Portuguese archipelagos.

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