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Crystals and gemstones are resources from nature that facilitate natural healing abilities. They emit a frequency of love vibration. God is love. We are vehicles of God's love. We have power to heal with this love. Our lives are filled with love all around us in many forms if we take the time to notice and act on opportunities that arise. I took a weekend class in New York City, September, 1984 with Reverend Frank Alper, founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society. He was a lovely person, intelligent and heartwarming. He taught our class the basics of healing with crystals. He gave me useful feedback to enhance my ability. Crystals store information. Listen with your consciousness to hear what they have to say.

When I discovered crystals as an esoteric resource of knowledge, I wanted to learn everything I could from everyone I met that knew anything at all about them. I devoured information. Something could be gleaned from any meeting of minds that I encountered. I was driven to learn excel in my ability to communicate with them. Visit a crystal mine for an exciting, rewarding experience. Meet up with a miner to get a completely different perspective. Crystals are a benefit to humanity.

(from his page on Amazon:) "Dr. Alper is a well-known and respected teacher of metaphysics and spiritual growth throughout the country. He founded the Arizona Metaphysical Society in 1974. Having completed his initiations in 1975 he was given the spiritual name of "Christos which means "The Enlightened One." Since that time he has become one with his soul Adamis" and channels his truth at the conscious level. Universal Law is an expanding vibration, always in motion. Each individual is responsible for his own interpretation of the Law and its application in his life. If after an action has been taken an error has been made, it can be corrected by another action called karma. This constitutes the growth of mankind."
The only way you will miss out on any auspicious occasions that arise to grow your consciousness is if you do not "go for it" when an opportunity presents itself. You have to develop a knack for quick thinking, or you miss out. People come into your life to teach you things you don't already know. Learn to discern these types of opportunities. All opportunities are not relevant to all people, and some opportunities could be disastrous to some individuals. Safety is key. You came here at this time in earth's history for a reason. Once you figure out why you are here you will figure out what you have to do to achieve your life goals. You are not here for no reason. Own up to your importance in our planetary family. We all have work to do using our varied abilities to change consciousness toward peace, freedom and prosperity. We have to heal our own minds, to heal the world. Peace is worth any effort; freedom and prosperity are the rewards.

Over the years of working with glorious natural treasures, I learned to recognize and work with their subtle, gentle healing energy that emulates God's divine power. Crystals speak to us through our consciousness, they teach us to go within; to listen to the silence, where all knowledge is stored, where all answers can be found. Our minds comprehend crystals. Our minds are energized by crystals. Concentrate on their gentle counsel, they are a blessing to mankind. They are literal, like our minds. Make sure to give them permission to communicate with you. They never invade your privacy unless you welcome them into your life. Crystals do their healing whether you are conscious of it or not.

We are dynamic individuals that can naturally access and utilize invisible healing energy emmanating from the very same energy that swirls inside of us. Hold a crystal, direct your mind to open to it's healing frequency and let go. Experience the energy flowing from it with no need to control it. Trust it. Work with it. Flow with it. Learn from it. Be at peace with it; most of all, feel the love emanating from it. God is here on earth. Look inward to meet God's Spiritual Creative Force. We are powerful elements of the change in consciousness that is enveloping this planet. We are endowed with the power of God to create peace on earth. Let U.S. work together in solidarity with the people of the world for peace, freedom, prosperity and humanity.

Allow universal god energy to heal your mind with the force of divine spiritual transformation. Everything about you starts from and is controlled by your mind. Change your world by changing the way or the why of how you think about things. Educate yourself. Face up to the fallacies in thinking that you adhere to even as you may ruin your relationships or your ability to thrive because of these types of false thinking. Do you recognize that we all have fallacies in thinking that obstruct our true potential and skills to succeed?

Most of this illogical, or irrational thinking came before we were able to reason, yet many of us are still getting kicked in the ass by these peccadilloes in our personalities that often cause needless friction in relationships with people. Truth (.PDF) will prove where thinking went wrong. At some point in your life you may be ready to admit you are wrong about some things you thought you knew. Allow truth to open up your higher consciousness to become whole with your true self.

We naturally possess mastery to take charge of ourselves, to learn or re-learn critical thinking that will heal our minds and heal our lives. Are you ready to remember how powerful you are and do what it takes to let your true self free? Critical thinking is where you begin. Strive to wash away inaccurate information to begin anew. Breathe in the spirit of love, freedom, aware consciousness, health and prosperity. War and destruction are never the answer to peace. We are the stewards of this peaceful planet. Conscious awareness changes the course of humanity to freedom, peace and prosperity. The debris of falsity, disease and pathology is washed away by freedom to live the truth. Health is the natural alternative to disease of the mind, heart, spirit and soul. War against health, peace and prosperity is not a family value. Freedom of choice is not a crime. The Drug War is illegal, unconscionable, corrupt, destructive police state idealogy built on lies, fueled by corrupt politicians.

Spiritual Revolution

It all begins with you. We are all one in this peaceful revolution. It lives and grows on-line and in the world of universal knowledge. Please spread the words of freedom, peace and prosperity. May all our allies in the unseen world unite with us toward our victory, peace and prosperity over war and false security. Corruption is not a U.S. value, but it has grown to be the norm. The Drug War is a failure and is ruining our society, our opportunities, our freedom, joy and prosperity. We are not free if we have no freedom of choice. The Drug War is one of the greatest travesties ever perpetrated against the world.
When your mind travels the unseen world, remember you are the only one that can open or close yourself to the frequency waves of data and connections in the universe of information and knowledge. You are a vessel, choose wisely what you decide to investigate, or adopt, or even think about at all. Definitely hone your skills to know when to say no and don't even go there. If you ever have that feeling, respect it and stay away from it. Untethered curiosity without critical thinking can ruin an exceptional journey, even disintegrate your zeal for the spiritual unknown. You are the ruler of your mind. Be safe. Protect yourself by placing a (telepathic) crystal security blanket all around you, especially upper and lower regions, above your head and under your feet. Visualize your crystal cord to find the way home. Make sure to practice and fully understand without a doubt in your mind the visualization of it before you leave your premises. If you are ever unsure in any way of what you are doing, rule on the side of safety and discernment. Start slowly, be sure. Once you return from your trip, assimilate and amalgamate what you found useful for the development of spiritual consciousness. Knowledge through meditation is a daily exercise that will hone your skills for astral travel with your light body like Jesus and the ancient ones who knew the path of health and healing through the power of love and truth of our spiritual abilities.

I  have no clue how to prove any of this. All I have are my psychic experiences over my whole life plus over 40 years of research to go by from books, confirmation from individuals, and from meeting and communicating with wise people in my travels all over the world. I directed my mind to learn and grow in all ways and across all levels of understanding using critical thinking. This instruction opened up opportunities to gather knowledge and wisdom, pieces of the puzzle of life. Gather these bits and strive to understand them to glean the wisdom within the message. You must be willing to let go of false ideas and beliefs that are proven wrong by certified documentation, or by your own knowing, research, understanding and experience. Let this new intelligence flow into your mind. It will allow you to heal your inaccurate thinking and expand the repertoire of possibilities you have open to you in life. It's all within you to go outside of yourself to travel the universe of your mind. Our minds naturally connect with

Direct your mind to go there now.
Meet me there, anytime. You can develop your natural born telepathy skills. State that you would like to meet your guides in your dreams, before you fall asleep. State that you will remember your dreams. Have a journal available so you can write it all down in the morning before you forget anything. Keep at it. Soon you will break through the veil of darkness and into the light of the waking world as you become educated. Dreams are the beginning of your spiritual reality. Your growth is imminent. The conscious world awaits you. Joy awaits you.
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We are Legion. We are here, now.

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