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Maya Love * Maya Light **
Maya Hope *** Maya Faith
in the true men
who know without doubt
that the soul is the vehicle
that travels the universe
without time to hinder the workings
of the one God of loving energy vibration
who lives in all space in all times without end.

Vicki Leo Senn - Progreso, Mexico - March 9, 2000

Spirituality is the consciousness of peace that can heal the world. Spirituality is not religion. You can be spiritual and religious, spiritual, or religious, and anything in between, or nothing at all. The Google definition of spirituality says it is "the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. The shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality more profoundly."

When speaking of God, you may use whatever pronouns make you happy. I am just using he because that is how I think of God. I also believe God is an energy, with no gender specification at all, just love energy. Use critical thinking to assess the information you acquire, even from me, rather than immediately dismissing it, or believing it. Research on your own to authenticate the information you find. Open your mind to others who know more than you. Be kind and educate those who speak falsely. Fix your thinking when you realize you are wrong about something you believe. Some things you know, but will never be able to prove. Truth heals us if we let it, if we recognize it, and choose to accept it.

Be open-minded. The universe tests us periodically to see if we are ready to learn. Follow opportunities that arise to understand hidden ancient information that our predecessors here on earth left in antiquities, writings, and clues that show our connection to the stars, and the universe of knowledge, including our ancestors here on earth. Learn from those who know. Teach those who don't know. Offer resources to others who want to learn on their own.

Universal Information Highway

Consciousness travels the universe, where all knowledge accumulates, is stored, and remains accessible in the ethereal world, the place where God's loving energy dwells. Communication is possible using higher consciousness to transmit and perceive information.

Evolve the spirit. Traverse the invisible world with all of the passion in your mind and heart. Focus your attention, develop your abilities, grow your mind with knowledge, become wise, and strengthen your body for what lies ahead. Your spiritual life is upon you. Shine the light and lead the way to truth.

Learn to recognize the frequency of life. Be open to the quiet communication from the invisible ancient ones who came before us.

Here is my Minister License beginning January 4, 1986, from a Christian Science related church in Kent, Ohio, the Church of Universal Harmony. I love the architecture of churches, the stained glass windows, and the peaceful vibes in an empty, silent sanctuary. I got an easy minister license because I wanted to marry people. I did not get a bachelor's degree in religious studies, religion, or theology. I started my working career in the infant/toddler room at Ohio University Child Development School, Athens, Ohio, while attending Night School at the university for my Associate Degree in Child Development to satisfy the requirements to work at the university. I was living in Joy, Ohio, (yes, really) and it took 45 minutes to drive to Athens.

I studied God on my own. God filled me with knowledge of love and understanding, compassion, and heart felt joy for humanity. I am a natural at tending to people's spiritual needs. To say it mildly, I am an unconventional minister. I have no use for rules when it comes to God. I immerse myself in God's loving power of grace and live a life of meditation on God's divinity. I am an excellent medium of God's love and spiritual power. I was born to love God and spread that love around the world. I rarely even tell people I am a minister. When I do tell, they usually don't believe me. I have no validity without my black robe, because I break all ideas of what a minister should look like, and I don't always act like a minister, I am one of the greatest pot heads you will ever meet. Jesus smoked pot, why shouldn't I? How do I know for sure? His writings, and the way he lived his life tells it all. Wink, wink.

I love to research truth. The incredible healing power of love all flows from god healing energy filled with vibratory force, the invisible creative power of the universe. The earth, the universe, and beyond is the House of God. We all live in this house together as one. Live this truth, spread this wisdom. World peace is our destiny.

Christian Science teaches us about the energy healing techniques that Mary Baker Eddy believed Jesus practiced in his ministry. Although she lived in the Victorian Age, her conservative attitude should not hinder you from learning about healing with the power of God's love. There is goodness in her writing. Her "science of healing" theory taught how powerful we are when using the natural talents we are born with to train, grow, and excel in our mind, body, spirit, and soul. The heart transmits vibratory healing frequency waves straight from God. This energy is infinite and free. Be cognizant of it working in your life, learn to use it for your healing benefit. Ask God to show you the way. He will teach in your dreams.

Meditate to begin your journey of discovery. Ask God to come into your life. Find the pieces of your life puzzle that connect all of us to each other. Healing ourselves, and the earth with the healing power of God is necessary for our survival. To those of you who rejected the religion that was forced down your throat, rejoice. The God I speak of is composed of intelligent, healing energy of love. Jesus embodied the energy of God. We all have the ability to embody the energy of God. This is how to heal humanity.

George Inness-Public Domain
In the Berkshires 1850 By George Inness
Public Domain

We are born with a powerhouse of inspirational and motivational natural resources to emerge triumphant in transforming to our higher selves while here on earth. We are here to shine our light in the darkness. Every one of us is needed to revolutionize consciousness. Our transformation as a society is dependent on us. Spirit is our lifeline to the unseen part of our reality accessed through research, telepathy, clairvoyance, writing,  meditation, and music. Heal yourself with natural  medicines, organic food, plants, herbs, flowers, and remedies from mother nature so you will be ready for the tribulation ahead. We must all rise to the occasion of the reason we were put here together at this particular moment in earth history. We are God's Plan to Save Humanity.

Universal Information Highway

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