Temple Mountain by Vicki
Temple Mountain

♥ Maya Love ♥ ☼ Maya Light ☼
♂♀ Maya Hope ♂♀ Maya Faith ♂♀
in the true men who know without doubt
that the soul is the vehicle which travels the universe
without time to hinder the workings of the one God
who lives in all space in all times
without end.

Vicki Leo Senn-Progreso, Mexico-March 9, 2000

Spirituality is the consciousness of peace. Spirituality is not religion. You can be spiritual and religious, or just spiritual, or just religious, and everything in between, or nothing at all. Our world hosts every religion, political belief and spiritual path that people choose. Even if you are a certain religion or political ideology or no religion, or no political affiliation you can still study other religions and beliefs in order to understand the rest of the people living on this planet. Use critical thinking to assess information you acquire, rather than immediately dismissing it because you do not know about it. Open your mind to others who know more than you; educate those who speak falsely. Some things you know, but will never be able to prove. It's been said that those who know, know they know, and those who don't know, don't know they don't know, so they often don't believe others who do know. Tell them truth anyway. Sometimes it sneaks in underneath their belligerence.

If you are not supposed to know, you won't encounter opportunities, or you won't pick up on them when they present themselves. The universe will still test you periodically to see if you are ready to learn. If you know that you are supposed to know, nothing under the sun will stop you from your burning desire to learn and grow in knowledge. Pick up on opportunities and follow leads to hidden ancient information from our predecessors here on earth who left antiquities, writings and clues that show our connection to the stars and the universe of knowledge as well as our ancestors here on earth. Learn from those who know. Teach those who don't know.

Use your mind to travel the universal information highway where all knowledge is accumulated, stored and can be accessed in the ethereal world, the place where god's loving energy dwells. We are able to communicate in this realm. Do you feel goosebumps on your skin? You must know what I am talking about. You probably already realize how to travel the universal information highway with your mind, even if you don't call it that. How could you? I made it up. I needed a perfect description for this ethereal communicative consciousness. Whatever you call it, I am elated to connect with you sisters and brothers.

Mother Universe birthed Mother Earth who created Mother Nature. Our mothers are precious; respect their need to heal. War and destruction do not produce healing anywhere, anytime, on earth or anywhere else. Peace is our objective. Peace allows healing and respect of everyone on the planet as one. We are all important, we all matter. Dark forces shall explode into nothingness with ferocious retribution from the conscious awareness that ignites this planet and awakens the people to peace.

Desire to traverse the invisible world with all the passion in your mind and heart. Direct your mind to go there. You have something to do that no one else but you can do. You probably already have an inkling of what it is. The world is waiting for you. Realize how to utilize your abilities by growing your mind with knowledge, strengthening your body and developing your spirit. Realizing you need to develop is the first step in manifesting your destiny. Next you have to act on this knowledge.

Spirituality is about connecting with god source vibratory healing energy directly. It has absolutely no relationship with the dogma of religion. You don't have to go to church, nor do you need an intermediary to feel God everywhere, in all things. Go outside in nature where God's energy is easily evident. This essential creative force permeates the physical world.

Here is my Minister License, beginning January 4,1986 from a Christian Science related church in Kent, Ohio; Church of Universal Harmony. I love many things about religion like the architecture of churches, stained glass windows, choirs, organs, musical instruments and the peaceful vibes in an empty, silent church. I have heard amazing, amusing and wonderful sermons and have seen fabulous religious artifacts and pieces of art. I study religions, but do not adhere to dogma. I love to research truth, wherever it leads me. I am a free spirit filled with love for God Healing Energy and humanity. Trust, grace, gratitude and the incredible healing power of love all flow from God Healing Energy Vibratory Force, the invisible creative force of the universe and beyond. God is here whether you believe it or not, or whether you accept this loving healing energy frequency vibration wave or not. Don't let religion keep you from knowing and utilizing God Energy, the source of the force of nature. The Earth, the Universe and beyond is the House of God. We all live in the house of god together as one.

Christian Science, founded by Mary Baker Eddy, teaches the same energy healing methods that Jesus is said to have practiced in his ministry. My passion lies in healing; ourselves and our planet, so the science of healing attracted me.
It taught me the basics of how powerful we are if we use the natural talents we are born with to train, grow and excel. Our minds, bodies, spirits and souls are the perfect medium to transmit vibratory source of healing love frequency wave straight from God, like a giant battery to jump start our health. Open your mind and heart to this information and it will come to you in a form you understand. The Healing Power of God Energy Vibrational Force is infinite and free. If you feel it, you can learn to use it.

Meditate to discover what you are meant to do, then begin your journey of discovery; how do you fit in with the grand plan to heal the earth? Everyone fits in, whether you accept it or not. Even outlaws fit in with each other. We are all one, find the pieces that connect us. The healing power of love is universal. Healing ourselves and the earth is our destiny and necessary to our survival.

M.B.E. is a very interesting author, even if you do not go in for her religion. She lived in the Victorian Age, so don't let her conservative attitude hinder you from learning what she knew about healing with the power of God's energy. Take her Victorian conservatism with a grain of salt to study the goodness within the rest of her writing. Learn to heal as Jesus did.

All you need to begin is a basic understanding of concepts about energy. You can make up your own way to work with it since there is no one way. Study to find what works for you. You are the master in your own play of life and also the play of our planet which is our past, our present and our future; our heritage from the beginning of time. We are born from our ancestors in the universe and shall return to them when our time here on earth is over. We have a long history with each other on this planet, but we did not originate from here.

Nature is my church and my pulpit. Nature is my stage. Nature is my comfort; the place where God is revealed. This is where I give my best telepathic sermons to the birds, bugs, cats, cows, deer, wild turkeys, dogs, dragonflies, fish, foxes, frogs, horses, hummingbirds, goats, groundhogs, skunks, snakes, squirrels, possums and any other wildlife around me. I sing to the heavens, angels in clouds, and the trees. Practicing my ministry is my passion. I don't have a church or a congregation. My ministry is about giving a helping hand, being an ear to listen to, offering an encouraging smile from across a room or to someone passing by on a street, or giving a hug or a bit of compassion to someone in need. You never know who needs a smile, but most people benefit from one. I don't come across many people who do not smile back if they see me smiling at them. I feel sad when someone isn't able to smile. Some people look surprised by my smiling. I listen to people, respond to them, have conversations with them and help them when I can. Sometimes they don't need anything but a conversation. There is a feeling of camaraderie that shows we care about each other. Sometimes a bit of attention and love is all someone needs to survive another day.

You have a natural connection to God's unlimited Loving Healing Energy to replenish your resources in mind, body, spirit and soul, available at all times. All you have to do is open all your chakras and breathe it all in. Direct God's loving divine healing energy to flow through your energy system, allowing your mind, body, spirit and soul to heal. Can you feel the loving vibrational wave of peace building up, moving your way? God's love is that powerful. Can you feel healing energy just by reading this? Open your heart to let this love flow over you; breathe it in deeply to cleanse yourself of all toxins and false thinking. The Ancient Ones say Universal Galactic Code heals your mind; the foundation and command center of your life. See what you think.

All life is created in the spiritual realm and is born into the physical realm. Everything begins in your mind before you see it happen in your life. The way you think is connected with how your life goes. It's a tough realization to swallow that you could be responsible for your own misery because of errors in thinking and inappropriate or inaccurate perceptions that ruin what could be exceptional human beings living at their highest potential. Every one of us is created with God's perfect divine light and truth. Allow both of these virtues to shine and thrive inside you. We are all born with the knowledge to utilize this divine intervention, even if you do not believe it is possible, it still works. Learn to use it. Open to this natural phenomenon, allow it to soften your heart, and heal your mind.

If you want your life to change, you have to upgrade your thinking. Connect with your higher consciousness of knowledge and understanding. Let go of the false ideas you think you know for sure. Open to a new way of living the journey you desire, even if you think you don't know how. Your effort, openness and devotion to truth will reward you in countless ways you never expected.
Your life can be prosperous and full even if you consider it empty right now. Most importantly, be trustworthy. That is the only way to gain trust from others. When bad things happen to you or when others speak falsely of you, being trustworthy would be a valuable asset even if it is the only virtue you have left to stand on. Trust is everything when there is nothing else to evaluate.

Time tells on everyone. Give those you meet time to prove who they are as a person over a period of time before you give them the keys to your mind, secrets, heart, finances and kingdom. Don't jump into life long commitments. Don't give away your trust indiscriminately. Think about why someone might be in your life. Notice cautionary flags. Investigate before moving forward. STOP-TURN AROUND then STEP AWAY when you receive red flags that mean danger, right now, or in the future. This is a very difficult lesson to learn if you are a naturally trusting, loving, kind person with a bulls-eye on your forehead that seems to call out take advantage of me. Many of us have to learn how to deal with sorrow and grief over missed or ignored cautionary and red flags that end up birthing a life time of negative repercussions that must be endured. Better to take heed when our intuition speaks to us in the very beginning, but that is when we don't want to hear it, because it would mean we can't have what we want in the moment. In the long run, looking at your life from the future backward, heeding these warnings in the beginning could be the best decision of your life, saving you years and even decades of misery and sorrow. I am still enduring mistakes.

Your intuition knows more than your conscious mind when your heart is involved. When you rush into a serious relationship you make yourself prey for all those users out there who are masters of the game that you don't even know is being played. You don't realize that you are not a player but the one being played.
You can never take back the destructive outcome of your misunderstanding of consequences by jumping into the moment with a psychopath. When you ignore or don't act on gentle reminders from your intuition, bad things can happen that take years to repair, if you can even repair anything at all. Ignoring messages from your higher consciousness could cost you years of getting out of a bad situation and missing the love of your life, or the career of your life, or the dream of your life. Don't ever hook up with someone thinking you will help them change for the better. They have to want to change and seek to change on their own, but first they have to recognize they need to change. Don't waste your life waiting for someone to reach their potential that you saw in the beginning. They aren't worth it. Watch to see if they are even working toward their potential before you jump in heart first. Abusive people should not be tolerated or given the benefit of a doubt. Leave before you need to escape. The longer you wait the harder it is to make a life over again from nothing. Snide, demeaning, angry, humiliating, condescending remarks and stabs are red flags and should always immediately inspire you to run the other way. Man or woman, these personality disordered people are serious trouble in so many different ways you never even thought of before. Even after you think you have gotten rid of them, they are never gone.

Your intuition signals you with cautionary and red flags for your protection. It does not signal you for no reason. Listen, then act appropriately when you sense a communication from your higher intelligence. Making the right decision at this juncture strengthens the bond you have with your own inner knowing that works with you as a team to fulfill your dreams and goals in life and protects you from predators, users and your own inaccurate thinking. Inaction is a waste of your abilities that were bestowed on you through divine grace at your birth. Be the person you know you can be. You already have what it takes to manifest the life you desire. Open your mind to your higher consciousness to know your true self.


In the Berkshires-1850 – By George Inness-Public Domain
We are born with a powerhouse of inspirational and motivational natural resources to emerge triumphant in transforming ourselves while here on earth. We are here to shine our light in the darkness. Every one of us is needed to revolutionize consciousness. Our transformation as a society is dependent on us. Spirit is our lifeline to the unseen part of our reality accessed through utilizing our minds to gather universal information and knowledge through research, telepathy, clairvoyance, automatic writing and other natural paranormal abilities, and by healing our minds with natural food, plants, and herbs. Pharmaceuticals do not heal you, they maintain conditions so all those connected with this industry can prosper.
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