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Maya Love * Maya Light ** Maya Hope *** Maya Faith ****
in the true men who know without doubt
that the soul is the vehicle which travels the universe
without time to hinder the workings
of the one God of Loving Energy Vibrations
who lives in all space in all times
without end.

Vicki Leo Senn - Progreso, Mexico   March 9, 2000

Spirituality is the consciousness of peace that can heal the world. Spirituality is not religion. You can be spiritual and religious, spiritual, or religious and anything in between, or nothing at all. Spirituality is not occult, although many people judge the two inaccurately as one. Use critical thinking to assess information you acquire rather than immediately dismissing it or believing it. Research on your own to authenticate information. Open your mind to others who know more than you; educate those who speak falsely. Fix your thinking when you realize you are wrong about something you believe. Some things you know, but will never be able to prove. Speak the truth even if it hurts someone. Truth heals us if we let it, if we accept it.

Be open minded. Strive to understand and utilize new information in your life. The universe tests you periodically to see if you are ready to learn. If you know that you want to know, nothing under the sun will stop you from your burning desire to learn and grow in knowledge. Pick up on opportunities to follow hidden ancient information from our predecessors here on earth who left antiquities, writings and clues that show our connection to the stars and the universe of knowledge as well as our ancestors here on earth. Learn from those who know. Teach those who don't know, give resources to others who want to learn on their own.
Universal Information Highway
Use your mind to travel the universal information highway where all knowledge is accumulated, stored and accessible in the ethereal world, the place where god's loving energy dwells. Communication in this realm is possible. Do you feel goose bumps on your skin? Are you familiar with what I am talking about? Maybe you already know how to reach the universal information highway with your mind, even if you don't call it that. How could you? I made it up. I needed a perfect description for this ethereal dimension where communication is done through telepathy and higher consciousness connection. Keep track of your experiences to remember your progress accurately. Invite your guides to speak to you. Ask them to communicate with you in your dreams. When you are able to wake up, remember and document what you learned in dreams you are prepared to work with them in your waking state.

You can meditate and listen for communication or you can sit for dictation if you would like to record a guide's words as they are speaking. In that case take dictation. Sit at attention, straight up in your chair with paper and writing utensil in your hand ready to begin. Meditate. Practice teaches you to let it happen as you stay out of it completely. As my guide said the first time I allowed him to write, "Get us an abundance of paper, we will fill it all up, then you will need more. Once we begin to write, open your eyes."

Mother Universe birthed Mother Earth who created Mother Nature. Our mothers are precious; respect their need to heal. War and destruction do not produce healing anywhere, anytime, on earth or anywhere else. Peace is our destiny. Peace allows healing and respect of everyone on the planet as one. Our planet needs to heal. We are all important, we all matter. Dark forces shall explode into nothingness with ferocious retribution from the conscious awareness that ignites We the People's thirst for peace.

Desire to traverse the invisible world with all the passion in your mind and heart. You have something to do that no one else but you can do. You probably already have an inkling of what it is. The world is waiting for you. Focus, learn how to utilize your abilities by growing your mind with knowledge, strengthening your body and developing your spirit. Realizing you need to develop is the first step in manifesting your destiny. Act on the knowledge you've acquired. You came here for a reason. Your spiritual life is upon you. Shine and show the way. You are the leader of your destiny. Achieve what you desire.

Spirituality is about connecting with god source vibratory healing energy directly, becoming whole in the process of healing with with this form of God's love and devotion. Feel how God's love is everywhere, in all things, in all people. Go outside in nature where God's energy and magnificence is easily evident. God's essential creative force permeates the physical and spiritual worlds as one. You can think any way you want about God. God is, whether you believe in this essential energy resource of the universe or not. We are here to develop a relationship with God Energy. Learn how to utilize this unique healing vibratory wave of life. Knowledge and understanding allows us to develop and actuate the steps in completing our spiritual mission. Learn to recognize unique energy waves. Breathe and be open to quiet communication. Write what comes to you. Let your arm write naturally. Read and learn. Inform the guides when you will be available to write. Sit at the time you said. Wait for their presence and readiness to begin. Your relationship and ability to work together will progress with practice. There is no room for any kind of interference or subjective interpretation from you. You are an objective facilitator bringing words to paper.


Here is my Minister License, beginning January 4,1986 from a Christian Science related church in Kent, Ohio; Church of Universal Harmony. I love many things about religion like the architecture of churches, stained glass windows, choirs, organs, benches, musical instruments, music and the peaceful vibes in an empty, silent church. I can enjoy a good sermon and don't have to agree with everything said. I get all the best I can out of the experience. I do not have to offend anyone by voicing my opposite opinion on anything I differ from in my own belief system. I can appreciate all the good in in different beliefs. I love amazing, amusing and wonderful sermons and get so excited to study fabulous religious artifacts and pieces of art. I study religions. I love to research truth, wherever it leads me. I am a free spirit filled with love for God Healing Energy and humanity. Trust, grace, gratitude and the incredible healing power of love all flow from God Healing Energy Vibratory Force, the invisible creative force of the universe and beyond. Learn to use this powerful resource to your advantage. God is here whether you believe or not, or whether you accept the loving healing energy frequency vibration wave or not. Don't let religion keep you from knowing and utilizing God Energy, the source of the force of nature. Use this same force to heal your mind. The Earth, the Universe and beyond is the House of God. We all live in the house of God together as one. War is destructive. Love, kindness, compassion, health, wealth and prosperity heal. Maintain peace in your heart, mind, spirit and soul. Live this truth. Spread this wisdom.

Christian Science, founded by Mary Baker Eddy teaches the energy healing techniques that Jesus practiced in his ministry. My passion lies in healing; ourselves and our planet so the science of healing attracted me.
It taught me the basics of how powerful we are when we use the natural talents we are born with to train, grow and excel our mind, body, spirit and soul. Hearts transmit vibratory healing frequency waves straight from God like a giant battery that jump start the health. Open your mind so this information can resonate with you in a form you understand. The Healing Power of God Energy Vibrational Force is infinite and free. It's all around you right now, enough for every being.

Meditate to begin a journey of discovery. You fit in with the grand plan to heal the earth. Everyone fits in. Even outlaws fit in with each other. It is others who determine outlaws as outlaws because they cannot understand our take on the world. We are all one, find the pieces that connect us. The healing power of love is universal. Healing ourselves and the earth is necessary for our survival. Our oneness in consciousness can heal the world.

Mary Baker Eddy (M.B.E.) is an interesting author, even if you do not go in for her religion. She lived in the Victorian Age, OK, her conservative attitude does not hinder you from learning healing with the power of God's Loving Energy. Study the goodness within her writing.

Begin with a basic understanding of concepts about energy. You can make up your own way to work with this energy. No one way works for everyone. Find what works for you. You are the master in your own play of life on our planet which holds our past, our present and our future; our heritage from the beginning of time. We are born from our ancestors in the universe and shall return to them when our time here on earth is done. We have a long history with each other. We've been here  many times before, but we did not originate here.

George Inness
In the Berkshires 1850 By George Inness
Public Domain

We are born with a powerhouse of inspirational and motivational natural resources to emerge triumphant in transforming ourselves while here on earth. We are here to shine our light in the darkness. Every one of us is needed to revolutionize consciousness. Our transformation as a society is dependent on us. Spirit is our lifeline to the unseen part of our reality accessed through research, telepathy, clairvoyance, writing,  music and other abilities. Heal yourself with natural  medicines like organic food, plants, herbs, flowers and remedies from mother nature. Let peace prevail on earth.
Universal Information Highway

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